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Hornady Custom Grade Pistol Die Set

Hornady Custom Grade Pistol Die Set

Each Hornady Custom Grade Pistol die set includes the following dies:

Straight Wall Sizing Die

Standard Expanding Die

Taper Crimp/Seating Die


Straight Wall Sizing Die

Zip Spindle™ Design
A feature on all full length size dies, the Zip Spindle™ positively locks to eliminate slippage. A series of light threads cut on both the spindle and spindle collet allows incremental adjustments by turning the spindle or it can easily “zip” up or down for larger movements.

Smooth Finish
Internal die profile is precision machined and polished to a smooth finish for reliable functioning without case sticking or excessive friction. Most of our pistol dies feature a titanium nitride “gold ring” finish that’s harder than carbide and doesn’t require lubrication. The super hard coating is perfect for resizing soft pistol brass and won’t scratch cases.

Titanium Coated Sizing Ring *Most Dies Include
The titanium coated sizing ring (gold ring) eliminates case sticking and requires no lubrication. The super hard, smooth coating is used in high-pressure, high-wear tools to reduce abrasion, so it's perfect for resizing relatively soft pistol brass, and won't scratch your cases. The spindle locks in place wth collet lock for positive decap and easy adjustment.

Tapper Crimp/Seating Die

Taper Crimp Adjust Screw
Easily adjusts amount of crimp on the cartridge without changing bullet seating depth or loosening the lock ring.

In-line Bullet Seating System
Our seating system holds the bullet, the case neck and the seating stem in perfect alignment in the sleeve BEFORE the bullet enters the neck of the case. The system includes a floating bullet alignment sleeve, a floating steel seating stem and a built-in crimper for benchrest precision. Bullets are aligned in the sleeve as they enter the die for optimum seating and enhanced accuracy.

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