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PRO 1000 .223 Remington

The new 2018 Pro 1000 has a positive index locating pin that eliminates indexing problems. It has a new low profile steel base that has been rotated for optimal ergonomics while reloading. Best of all it now has a through ram primer disposal system.

Lee Pro 1000 progressive 3-hole reloading kit for .223 Remington

Note: Includes rifle charging die. Not available in carbide.


Press Type: Progressive Press

Auto Index: Yes

Number of Stations: 3

Frame Material: Steel, Die Cast Aluminum, Polymer

Handle Location: Bottom Right or Left

Die Size Accepted: 7/8″-14 Threaded Dies

Die Bushing Accepted: No

Ram Stroke: 3-1/2″

Number of Mounting Holes: 3

Mounting Hardware Included: No




Lee Pacesetter 2-Die set and Rifle Charging Die

Auto Drum Powder Measure

Primer attachment

Case Feeder attachment with tubes

Shell plate


Extra Turrets and Shell Plate Carriers are available for reloaders buying a Pro 1000 kit who plan to load more than the caliber listed in the description of press. (sold separately)

The Auto Drum powder measure (included as part of the kit) will only work with Lee Powder Through Expanding Dies and Rifle Charging Dies.

NOTE: Case Collator #90667 is an optional accessory (sold separately) for the Pro 1000 Press Kit and is sold on the Press Accessories page.

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