MEC 650N 12 GA.


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MEC 650N

The MEC 650N provides maximum performance with minimum effort.

MEC is known for making high quality presses that will last. The 650N Progressive Press is perfect for reloaders who inspect and resize their hulls in a separate operation. This press does not resize hulls and reloaders must use a base resizer for this operation such as the MEC Super Sizer (sold separately). This press features three crimping stations to ensure shell consistency for proper feeding. The first station starts the crimp. The second closes the crimp. And the third station places the taper on the shell that is so important for proper feeding in a pump or automatic.The E-Z Prime primer feeder is included. Fill with a full box of primers and the MEC 650N does the rest. Additional die sets are not available for this press.

Superior engineering and unique versatility is exhibited in the 8567N Grabber.

Technical Information:

Press Type: Progressive Press
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Shell Length: Set to load 2-3/4″ shells from the factory Adjustable to 3″ shells
Frame Material: Steel
Features: Three crimping stations (first station starts the crimp, the second station closes the crimp and the third places a taper on the shell)
Priming Feature: E-Z Prim Primer Feed (fill with primers and the loader does the rest)
Load Rate: approximately 300-400 shells per hour
Charge Bar Shot Weight: 1-1/8 ounce charge bar (lead shot only)
Powder Bushings Included: 29, 30, 32
Gauge Conversions Available: No

Works on six shells at once; with every stroke a reloaded shell is completed.
Does not resize hulls.
Not for use with steel shot.

Additional information

Weight 22.3 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 17.25 × 22.75 in