Mr Bulletfeed Conversion Kit (.308 Cal)


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Mr. Bullet Feed Conversion Kit

.308 Caliber

All pistol calibers use the same output tube, lead spring and spring adapter cap. So this assembly is not included in the conversion kit as you will not need a second one when changing pistol calibers.

The rifle calibers too share the same output assembly, and so when converting from 223 to 308, the same output assembly is used.

However if you intend to buy a conversion kit to convert a rifle unit to a pistol caliber, you must purchase the output assembly required, in addition to the conversion kit

The expanding powder funnel supplied is for the Dillon reloading machines only (no expansion powder funnel is included with the rifle calibers) not compatible with other brands. To use with the LnL press, you will need to purchase their expanding powder funnel separately.

*This product currently includes the Small output assembly used for rifle cartridges.

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