Reloading Ammunition 101

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Reloading Ammunition 101
When considering whether or not you’d like to take up reloading, there is some basic information to know before you begin.

What is reloading?

Reloading is the process or assembling shotgun shells, cartridges, and other various pieces, as opposed to buying fully assembled, factory-loaded ammunition.

There are several benefits to reloading your own ammunition [insert link to other blog post about benefits]. Many people handload because it’s more cost effective, increased accuracy, it’s environmentally conscious, and many do it just for fun.

Reloading Supplies

In order to start reloading your own ammunition, you have to have the correct supplies. Often, people will find that reloading kits are an easy solution because you can purchase everything you need to get started at once. This may be a good place to start if you’re a beginner. As you become more sophisticated in the practice, purchasing separate tools can be beneficial for experimenting. Essential reloading supplies include:

  • Press
  • Dies
  • Hand primer tool
  • Scale
  • Shellholders
  • Powder measure

Is Reloading Right for You?

Reloading isn’t for everyone, but those who have started truly enjoy the versatility and craft that it takes to reload and master their passion. For further information, inquiries or to peruse our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262-397-8819.

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