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Welcome to TitanReloading.com. We are a wife and husband team, Robin and Dennis Gorski and we live in Hartford, WI, the proud home of Lee Precision.

My wife Robin, up until the fall of 2009, was for 18 years the claims supervisor of a major trucking company. When the company decided to move their Corporate Office to a new location, Robin, rather than drive the extra 2 hours a day, chose to start a home based Ebay business, JSMselect, LLC. After opening JSMselect on Ebay, she had earned very high ratings in customer service and prompt shipping. She was a “Top Rated Seller” and also a “Power Seller”, both of which required a dedication to customer satisfaction. Robin has since turned the Ebay store over to our daughter Stephanie.

Up until April 1st 2012, I had been a design engineer for 30 years in the plastic and die cast molding industry. In this capacity I have worked with John Lee, the owner of Lee Precision, on a number of products in his line of reloading equipment. Being very impressed with the quality, innovation and precision standards maintained by Lee Precision, I realized the potential sale ability of Lee Precision reloading equipment on Ebay. Please read “An Engineers Perspective” in the info section of this site, for a detailed explanation of the impressive standards of Lee Precision products and their manufacturing methods.Robin and I met with John Lee and discussed the nature of the reloading industry and the people who load their own ammo. We are a perfect fit, “your SILVER BULLET” in Lee Precision reloading equipment.

We became “Master Distributors” of the Lee Precision line of reloading equipment and as such can offer every product and service part in the Lee Precision catalog at very affordable prices. On August 19th 2010 we expanded our business beyond Ebay and now reach our customers at our website www.TitanReloading.com. As I mentioned earlier, on April 1st, 2012 I retired from my engineering career to pursue the many plans we have for our business Titan Reloading.

On September 1st, 2012 we moved the business from our home to a storefront at 660 Grand Ave., Hartford, Wi where we added a showroom for our reloading equipment. In 2014 we purchased a building and moved to our current location 994 W. Sumner St., Hartford, Wi.

In our continuing effort to be your ‘One Stop Reloading Shop’ we have added Dillon, Hornady, Redding, Lyman, Mark 7, MEC, Double Alpha and Inline Fabrication reloading equipment to our product offerings. We have direct access to all the products these manufactures offer.

We have also added employees to our operation. The Titan Crew consists of our daughters Jamie and Stephanie as well as our son Michael. We are a family owned an operated business.

Since going live as Titan Reloading.com on the internet on August 19, 2010 we have made many friends all over the world. Our success is rooted in two principles, Service and Support. When someone finds our website for the first time they soon realize that we are not a sporting goods department store. We are reloading specialists and we know what’s in the box. We are the only website that presents this with the detail we do. As such many people contact us for the information and advice to purchase the products in confidence. For beginning reloaders this is more than valuable. Our seasoned reloading customers enjoy sharing their experiences with us. The friends we are making is by far the most rewarding part of our business and through internet forums, clubs and acquaintance they are promoting the valuable source they have found. Our product support is unique in the reloading industry and is one of the reasons for our success.

Thank you for your interest in Titan Reloading,
Dennis Gorski

Contact information:

Email: Sales@titanreloading.com

Titan Reloading, Inc.
994 W. Sumner St.
Hartford, WI 53027

Please look for answers to setup and operational questions in our FAQ and Help Videos before calling us. These robust informational sections of our website cover all of the issues common to Lee Precision products.