Favorite Links

www.loadmastervideos.com-Great source for info on the Lee Load Master Press.

List Of Pistol Cartridges-Wikipedia’s complete list of Handgun Calibers.

List Of Rifle Cartridges-Wikipedia’s complete list of Rifle Calibers.

Cast Boolits-One of the most popular forums on the internet for casting and reloading.

www.ammosmith.com-Great source for info on reloading.

www.ammoguide.com-Great source for info on reloading.

www.handloads.com-Great source for info on shooting and reloading.

www.reloadammo.com-Great source for info on shooting and reloading.

www.accurateloading.com-Great source for load data.

www.loaddata.com-Great source for load data.

www.ar15.com-Great forum covering many topics on the AR15 and more.

Beginners Guide To Reloading Ammo-Great overview of the reloading process with great graphics.

thegearhunt.com-This company offers great outdoor and hunting content. From equipment reviews to hunting blogs the site will satisfy the outdoorsman in you. For all things outdoors and hunting this site is worth checking out.

Hunting Mark-Hunting Mark has put together a team of great people that lives and breathes shooting sports, tactical gear and hunting. They research all the hunting, shooting and tactical gear out there and report their findings. They find the questions people are asking and find the answers.

www.gunbacker.com-GunBacker is a website to help both veteran gun enthusiasts and beginners that are completely new to firearms. Their primary goal is to provide reviews of their favorite firearms, the gear they’ve used or checked out and help teach firearm safely.

Airsoft Tactics-Airsoft isn’t just some mindless game where you shoot BBs at your enemy until you hit someone. Of course, it can be that way and depending on who you play with, an airsoft game often devolves into a mindless shooting match until the other team is eliminated. However, if you’re seeking consistent victory, tactics are required. The Airsoft Tactics website is a complete guide to the strategies needed for victory.

GunPros.com-GunPros was founded to make life easier for “newbie” and longtime gun owners alike. They use, review, and research thousands of products so that they can point you in the direction of the best available options that they use and trust. In addition to product reviews and comparisons, they answer many of the most common questions new gun owners have in order to boost their knowledge and competence.

Gunloading.com-This website is all about useful information & review of reloading accessories.

Reloading Podcast-The Reloading Podcast is all about the cartridge reloading hobby. Learn how to make your own ammo. Hosted by Mike Iselin, Jim Fleming, Jason Trumbo, Phil Rabalais, Travis Buck, Jeremy Rowland & Trevor Furlotte