APP Automatic Processing Press

APP Automatic Processing Press

APP Press Bullet Sizing

Introducing the Lee Automatic Processing Press the APP, the fastest and easiest way to prepare cases and size cast bullets. It is also a very convenient single station reloading press.

I received the patent on this new press late last year. It is the first press of its kind with the ability to mount the die to the top or bottom of the press. This die mounting flexibility allows previously unheard of automation on a single station press. Now you can deprime, primer pocket swage, bulge bust or size cast bullets as fast as you can operate the lever.

The press is actually heavy for its compact size. It is manufactured from a variety of materials best suited for the application. The lever or handles are made of steel and are topped with a molded grip we call the power grip. We went through a lot of iterations to come up with a really comfortable design. The grip is completely symmetrical making either hand operation a delight. The upper and lower die carriers are aluminum and the low stress items are nylon or acetal copolymer. The upper carrier rides on two centerless ground and roller burnished columns. The upper die carrier is counter balanced by a centrally mounted coil spring. The counter balance prevents the handle from falling and pinching a finger.

The APP is a “frameless” design with nearly all the forces going directly to the dies through the steel linkages rather than through the frame. As a single stage reloading press, it has almost unlimited visibility and hand clearance. Mounting is easy on any bench or table with no under swing.

Bottle adapter 

Dirty, gritty, lead contaminated spent primers are 100% captured in a screw top bottle. 



The top carrier and base are machined to accept Lee Breech Lock bushings,Spline Drive Breech Lock Bushingsso they will accept standard 7/8-14 dies of any manufacturer. The APP also uses standard press shell holders from most manufacturers. Includes one Spline drive breech lock bushing and universal type shell holder quick-change adapter.

A little over three inches of stroke allows sizing of the larger belted magnum cartridges. Priced less than nearly all single station presses makes it a perfect starter press or a perfect companion press to an expensive progressive.

But the APP is so much more. With the Automation package, the APP becomes the world’s fastest single stage press. Now you can deprime cases, size cast bullets, swage primer pockets, etc. as fast as you can cycle the lever!

The Automation package includes a revolutionary new kind of case and bullet feeder. Jaws automatically open and grasp the bullet or case. They then rapidly position the case or bullet into the operating position. Once in position, the jaws instantly open and return for the next case or bullet. It is fascinating just cycling the press empty watching the jaws open and close as it cycles back and forth.

X-Press shell holder 

The APP gets its speedy operation in part by the use of a new shell holder. We call it the X-press shell holder. The new shell holder allows the case to pass through the shell holder after the operations are performed.  


Automation Kit


The Automation package is complete with all the feed tubes, tube supports, risers and case slider. It even includes the 22-caliber bullet feed jaws.   




Primer Pocket SwagerThe APP press works with some exclusive new products, like our new primer pocket swager. The new swager removes military primer pocket crimps automatically and as fast as you can operate the lever. Available in small and large pocket size.


APP Close-up Bullet SizingThe New Breech lock bullet sizer kit allows nose first bullet sizing, change size with an inexpensive Bullet sizer & punchpunch and die. Nose first bullet sizing is the most accurate, distortion free and because you are pushing on the base of the bullet no special nose punches are required.  On the APP press, bullets are sized as rapidly as you can operate the press lever. The sized bullets drop into an attached wide mouth container. This is the perfect tool for the now popular powder coated bullets.



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