Lee Precision Product Instructions

Lee Product Instructions

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2021 Lee Precision Catalog

APP Press

ACP Press

Pro 1000

Load Master

Auto Breech Lock Pro

Six Pack Pro

Turret Press

Classic Turret Press

Roller Handle Upgrade Kit

Classic Cast

Breech Lock Classic Cast

Challenger “O” Frame Press

Load-All 2

Hand Press

Auto Drum Powder Measure

Classic Powder Measure

Auto Disk Powder Measure

Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure

Auto Disk Riser

Perfect Powder Measure

Auto Bench Prime

Auto-Prime XR

Ergo Prime

Safety Prime

Rifle Reloading Die Instructions

Rifle Collet Die Instructions

Pistol 3 Die Set Instructions

Pistol 4 Die Set Instructions

Rifle Charging Die Instructions

Short Charging Die

Long Charging Die

Bulge Buster kit

Bullet Mold

6 Cavity Bullet Mold

Slug mold

00 Buckshot Mold

Breech Lock Hand Press

Reloading Stand

Bullet Feed Kit-Pre 2019

Bullet Feed Kit-New Design

Bullet Feed Return Spring Installation

Lube and Sizing Kit

Bench Plate

Bench Plate Fit Guide

Steel Base Block

Lee Reloader Press

Lee Dippers

PRO 20 Melter

Electric Melter

12 Gauge Charge Table

20 and 16 gauge Charge table


Auto Prime II

Original Auto-Prime

Pistol Lee Loader

Rifle Lee Loader

Safety Scale

Quick Trim(Deluxe/Value)

Power Quick Trim

Breech Lock Challenger Template

Breech Lock Classic Cast Template


Classic Turret Press Template

Load Master Template

Reloader Press Template

Load All Drill Template

Master Drill Template

Powder VMD’s

Modern Reloading Cartridge Guide