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Reloading Remains the Source to Becoming an Independent Shooter

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Millions of new people have taken up shooting in the past year or so. Millions more have been buying ammunition and reloading supplies at record rates. All at the same time that COVID-19 reduced the output of supplies and equipment. The shelves might be close to bare at the moment but the scarcity could be ending soon.

If you are being impacted by these shortages, one of the best things you can do is have the ability to reload your own ammo in case your favorite ammo is again in short supply. If 2020 was the year of record gun sales, 2021 is going to be the year of record ammo sales.

When the shelves are bare, it’s a darn good feeling to be able to reach for your own pound of powder, a box of bullets, and some primers to load your own. Having a good set of reloading dies, some components, and a reliable manual makes it possible to keep shooting the same cartridges for years to come.

Reloading also gives you knowledge that you can’t get by using only factory rounds. Using only factory ammunition means not having hands-on knowledge of bullet components. You’re unlikely to learn the intricacies and the importance of consistent bullet weights and how it affects accuracy. You won’t be aware of the powder types suitable for a particular cartridge.

Knowledge of reloading supplies and several special loads gives you multiple options beyond the factory offered combinations. If you need or want a particular bullet, type or weight, or powder not factory offered for your cartridge, reloading is the quickest and best way to solve that problem. You can use commonplace bullets when available at an attractive price or go with something of your own choosing. You can also hand load the best bullets money can buy. You can improve accuracy by sizing only the case’s neck. By reloading, you call the shots and have a lot more possible solutions to any ammo shortage.

Once you’ve loaded your own ammunition, you’ll never look at factory ammunition the same again.

Reloading is in Your Future

Experience, knowledge, and the right reloading supplies are how you increase your options and improve accuracy with any rifle or handgun. You can fine-tune (or detune) individual rounds for an almost endless combination of bullet/cartridge/velocity to fit your needs in this moment or your needs in the future. We’re all in the same predicament trying to keep up our ammo supplies today. We also know that the industry will again match supply with demand even at a higher level of demand. But the future will surely bring new causes for shortages. You want to have options when it comes to keeping your guns loaded. If you have always relied on factory ammo, now is the time to begin learning how to reload and stocking reloading supplies.

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