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How to Properly Reload a Cartridge

Reloading supplies

The fundamental steps for reloading a cartridge can be reduced to a few basic operations. Additional operations and reloading supplies will be required in some situations or omitted in others.

  1. Inspect and clean cases. Clean dirt and grime from each case before inspecting for deformities and splits. A sonic cleaner is good for removing carbon buildup and oxidization. To clean and polish brass, use a tumbler.
  2. Deprime the brass. Use a dedicated decapping die to punch the old primer out of the casing bottom, or (more common) the die that resizes your brass will also knock the old primer out.
  3. Lubricate cases to prevent them from getting stuck in the sizing die.
  4. Resize the brass. A resizing die is used to bring the brass back into the correct exterior dimensions.
  5. Trim the case to specified length if needed. Fired brass can lengthen beyond safe limits. Use calipers or a case gauge to check the length. Trim as required.
  6. Clean the primer pocket as required.
  7. Prime with correct primer size and manufacturer according to the reloading manual.
  8. Weigh and load the correct powder charge with a powder funnel. Double-check your reloading manual for data on powder type and proper load for your bullet weight and cartridge.
  9. Select proper die and adjust for proper seating depth. See your manual for proper settings.
  10. Review your setup.
  11. Run preliminary test rounds and examine each step for correct results.
  12. Complete a batch with periodic checks for accuracy.

Getting Started with Reloading Supplies

Reloading kits are great for beginners getting into this fun and rewarding hobby. The cornerstone of a reloader’s workbench is the press. It enables you to almost effortlessly complete functions with a pull of the handle. Different kits include different tools. The main press styles are single stage, turret, and progressive. Your shooting preferences and the amount of ammo you want to load help determine the most suitable press and other reloading supplies for you.

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