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4 Basic Tips Every Reloader Should Know

Lee Precision Reloading

Whether you’re a professional marksman or a weekend warrior, reloading ammo has countless benefits and it’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy. And while the fundamentals of reloading are easy to learn, there are always ways to improve the process. Here are four basic tips that every reloader should know.

Don’t Get Carried Away

One of the foremost benefits of reloading is the ease with which different bullets, powders, and casings, can be tested. This testing is particularly useful for competitive shooters because it allows them to improve the accuracy of their rounds by testing each component individually. Similarly, many hunters prefer to reload because they can increase the power of the round by adding more gunpowder than comes standard in factory-loaded rounds. The ability to try various combinations of bullets and powder levels is advantageous, but it’s easy to get carried away and, in doing so, stray beyond the manufacturer’s guidelines. Failing to adhere to these guidelines can compromise the integrity of the round, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Therefore, always follow the guidelines and specifications set forth in the manual.

Keep Records

Record keeping probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of reloading, but tracking your progress is essential for improvement. After all, it can take a lot of loading, shooting, and adjusting to find that sweet spot, so once it’s found, it needs to be logged. Likewise, it’s important to note when things go wrong, such as a lousy powder/bullet combination that results in a misfire or a load that builds up a dangerous amount of pressure before firing. Best of all, record-keeping is easy. All you need is a pen and a spiral notebook, and you’re ready to go!

Maintain Clean Equipment

Reloading involves working with precise tolerances, and if a bit of case lube or some metal shavings get in the way, it can cause problems down the line. The resizing die and setting die are components commonly compromised by dirt and grime. Fortunately, this issue is preventable so long as you’re willing to spend a few extra minutes cleaning your reloading equipment and reloading supplies after use. Ultrasonic cleaners work wonders for this task, but if you don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner, you can use cotton swabs dabbed in a copper solvent.

Stay Safe

Becoming a skilled reloader takes a lot of practice, but you’ll be pumping out rounds with confidence before you know it. As you familiarize yourself with the process, it’s easy to become complacent, and when working around gunpowder and live ammunition, complacency can lead to a dangerous situation. Therefore, you must always adhere to safety protocols, like wearing safety glasses and keeping the area free of clutter.

Becoming a Better Reloader

There is no doubt that reloading is a great way to save money and increase the reliability of your ammo. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun. The reloading process is relatively simple, and assuming you have the correct reloading supplies, you’ll be turning out rounds in no time. But before you get started, take heed of these four basic reloading tips, as they will help you become a better reloader. For further information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any question.

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ACME’s Hi-Tek “Lipstick” Bullets

Lee Reloading Supplies

With the introduction of their Hi-Tek coated bullets, the ACME Bullet Company has raised the bar on reloading and shooting. Commonly referred to as “lipstick” bullets because of the red coating in which they are encapsulated, the benefits of ACME’s coated rounds are unmatched.

What Is ACME Hi-Tek Coating?

The Hi-Tek coating used by ACME is a specially designed substance that forms a molecular bond with the bullet, or, more simply, the coating and bullet become one. This bond prevents the Hi-Tek coating from peeling or chipping, even under the most extreme of conditions. ACME uses a 92-6-2 alloy for its bullet casts, which, in this case, means that 92% of the round is lead, and the remainder is tin and antimony.

What Are the Benefits of Using ACME Hi-Tek Coated Bullets?

Several outstanding benefits make ACME’s coated bullets a top choice for reloaders and shooters alike, including:

1. Eliminate Lead-to-Bore Contact and Leading

When a lead bullet is fired it creates an incredible amount of friction. This friction is typically reduced using a lubricant, such as wax or oil. In addition to decreasing friction, the lubricant forms a barrier between the bullet and the metal gun bore to help prevent leading. Leading occurs when alloy from a bullet is deposited inside the bore. Over time, leading can compromise the rifling in the bore and the overall integrity of the barrel. The durable coating on ACME Hi-Tek coated rounds eliminates the possibility of lead-to-bore contact, thus eliminating the possibility of leading or damage to the bore.

2. Less Smoke, More Range-Friendly

Since the ACME rounds are coated, there is no need for wax or oil lubricants, and this is great news for range shooters. After all, bullets lubricated with wax or other lubricants create a lot of smoke when they are fired, and if you’re sighting your gun or target practicing, the smoke cloud can become quite thick. With ACME’s coated rounds, there is no lubricant and, therefore, no smoke, making them perfect for the indoor shooting range.

3. Bullets Feed Easily

If you’ve spent any amount of time firing semi-automatic handguns, then you’re probably aware that they are prone to jamming. This happens when the rounds get hung up on one another and fail to load smoothly, and it can be very frustrating, to say the least. The coating on the ACME bullets promotes smooth feeding and drastically reduces the chances of a jam occurring. And less jamming means more time spent sighting your gun for hunting season.

4. Reloading Is a Breeze

The next time you purchase reloading supplies, you’ll want to try the ACME Hi-Tek Coated bullets. Aside from the other great benefits, they make reloading a breeze. Moreover, they work seamlessly with standard reloading equipment, so you will not have to buy any specialized tools. Best of all, they are available in an array of calibers, so you can start using ACME bullets in all of your guns.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. Let us hear about your ammo reloading tips and experiences via email. You’ll find updated stream of insights and tips on our blogs, newsletters, help videos, and FAQs.

Titan Reloading is a Master Distributor of Reloading Supplies & Equipment online. For further information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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How to Properly Reload a Cartridge

Reloading supplies

The fundamental steps for reloading a cartridge can be reduced to a few basic operations. Additional operations and reloading supplies will be required in some situations or omitted in others.

  1. Inspect and clean cases. Clean dirt and grime from each case before inspecting for deformities and splits. A sonic cleaner is good for removing carbon buildup and oxidization. To clean and polish brass, use a tumbler.
  2. Deprime the brass. Use a dedicated decapping die to punch the old primer out of the casing bottom, or (more common) the die that resizes your brass will also knock the old primer out.
  3. Lubricate cases to prevent them from getting stuck in the sizing die.
  4. Resize the brass. A resizing die is used to bring the brass back into the correct exterior dimensions.
  5. Trim the case to specified length if needed. Fired brass can lengthen beyond safe limits. Use calipers or a case gauge to check the length. Trim as required.
  6. Clean the primer pocket as required.
  7. Prime with correct primer size and manufacturer according to the reloading manual.
  8. Weigh and load the correct powder charge with a powder funnel. Double-check your reloading manual for data on powder type and proper load for your bullet weight and cartridge.
  9. Select proper die and adjust for proper seating depth. See your manual for proper settings.
  10. Review your setup.
  11. Run preliminary test rounds and examine each step for correct results.
  12. Complete a batch with periodic checks for accuracy.

Getting Started with Reloading Supplies

Reloading kits are great for beginners getting into this fun and rewarding hobby. The cornerstone of a reloader’s workbench is the press. It enables you to almost effortlessly complete functions with a pull of the handle. Different kits include different tools. The main press styles are single stage, turret, and progressive. Your shooting preferences and the amount of ammo you want to load help determine the most suitable press and other reloading supplies for you.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time.

Titan Reloading is a Master Distributor of Reloading Supplies & Equipment online. Choose from Lee Precision, Dillon, Hornady, Redding, Mec, & Lyman. For more information and/or to peruse and shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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Setting Up Reloading Supplies and Equipment

reloading supplies - Titan Reloading

Ammo reloading is and should be an enjoyable, rewarding, and money-saving hobby. It is all of that and more… as long as your process is safe and reliable. At the heart of an error-free process is proper handling of reloading supplies with special care given to powder and primers. Combining that with trusted manuals and precisely following the instructions for reloading supplies assures an error-free process that delivers desired results.

A clean and organized workspace is a productive and safe workspace. Start by clearing any remaining equipment and reloading supplies from a previous project off your workbench. That doesn’t mean pushing things to the side of your bench. It is best to have a storage place for everything and put everything in its place. Make sure powder and primers are well labeled, properly packaged, and stored apart from each other.

Next, go through your manuals, notes, checklists, and other instructions to identify what you need for the reloading project you are about to begin. Make sure only the equipment and reloading supplies that you are going to use are on the bench and then double-check everything.

Once everything is ready to go, run one round through your setup. Check that round for accuracy and recheck your setup. Pay particular attention to your powder load. Run nine more rounds through your setup and check everything out one more time. If everything is good to go and you have a clear mind, you are ready to do the job. It’s also smart to check more rounds on a regular interval such as one out of every ten. After seating a bullet and before the completed round is ejected from the press, you want to visually inspect it. Just a glance is all you should need to see if something is off the mark.

Know When to Stop

If you start pinching fingers or cases, your mind isn’t on the task at hand, and it’s time to stop. Same thing if bullets or primers are misaligned. Too tired? Something else on your mind? It’s time to walk away until you’re in the right frame of mind.

Your process should not be redundant. You should get the same results every time. If something goes wrong, stop to reexamine your setup and process. For example, spilling powder on a progressive press indicates a powder bridge, with heavy and/or light charges. Examine the powder trails. What happened? Why? How do you fix it so that it doesn’t happen again?

Have a Step-by-Step Sequence

Ask 10 experienced reloaders their exact reloading process and you’ll probably get 15 or 20 good answers. Customizing ammo to your specific needs is more valuable than you might realize. Experimenting with various reloading supplies, powders, and bullet types/weights enables you to find the most accurate combination for your firearm and application.

With research, practice, and experimentation, you’ll fine-tune a step-by-step process that performs to your expectations for each cartridge that you reload. You want to start with a basic documented process and document each and every change that you make until your results meet your expectations. Don’t expect to remember every detail about a load unless you document it. There are many ways to keep your documentation organized. You might consider a spiral notebook for load research and field notes but a separate composition book for your finished master notes.

Tip: Starting with a loading manual from the same manufacturer as the bullets you use will take you step-by-step through the entire process. Having a second manual on your bench allows you to cross-reference load data.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. Let us hear about your ammo reloading tips and experiences via email. You’ll find updated stream of insights and tips on our blogs, newsletters, help videos, and FAQs.

Titan Reloading is a Master Distributor of Reloading Supplies & Equipment online. Choose from Lee Precision, Dillon, Hornady, Redding, Mec, & Lyman. For further information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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Quality Reloading Supplies to Get Started

Reloading Supplies

Whether you’re a serious competitive shooter, a hobbyist or hunter the biggest expense after you purchase the firearm is the steady cost of ammo. To save 60-80% off the cost of ammo avid shooters invest in reloading supplies and begin producing their own.

Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist or master reloader you can find all the reloading supplies you need at Titan Reloading. For those just beginning to reload, Titan Reloading offers Start Up Check Lists, to guide you in purchasing the reloading supplies you’ll need to start saving on ammo.

Reloading Supplies that you’ll need to get started should include:

  • Workbench – a comfortable station dedicated to your reloading supplies
  • Case Cleaner – to clean brass cartridge cases that have already been fired
  • Reloading Press – the heart of your reloading operation
  • Reloading Dies – for decapping, sizing, seating and crimping
  • Powder Scale – essential to load the proper amount of powder
  • Reloading Manual – provides caliber specific recipes – never reload without one

When doing any job, it is accomplished with excellence when you have the right tools. If you’re just starting out in reloading, it is essential to purchase the correct tools for the job. Those that are old hands at reloading already know the importance of quality reloading supplies not only to make the best ammo, but doing it safely. Quality reloading supplies coupled with accurate knowledge is essential in reloading with precision and accuracy.

Titan Reloading has an extensive offering of books, online tutorial videos, help pictures along with product instructions for everyone that wants to begin saving by reloading their own ammo. Whether you are just beginning to learn about reloading supplies or are already a master, Titan Reloading offers a full selection for everyone who enjoys the savings that reloading offers to the avid shooter.

Along with being the Master Distributor for Lee Reloading Equipment, Titan Reloading is a Distributor of MEC Reloading Equipmentand Redding Reloading Equipment as well as an Authorized Dealer of Dillion Precision Reloading Equipment. Their extensivelineup of quality renowned reloading supplies also includes, Hornady and Lyman reloading equipment.

Titan Reloading is in Hartford, WI and operates one of the largest online superstores of reloading supplies to service people everywhere. Along with a full selection of reloading equipment, parts and reloading supplies including brass, bullets, shotshell, along with MTM Ammo Boxes and Shooting Accessories, Titan Reloading is a clearinghouse of free online tutorials, instructions and product information for reloaders of all experience levels.

The best part about reloading is the 60-80% that you save on ammo, which means that for the same money you can spend 60-80% more time shooting. For further information or to peruse our online store please visit or for any questions contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 .

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Don’t Forget to Visit Our Showroom

Titanreloading Showroom

Even before we opened the doors to our showroom, we were already Master Distributors of the entire line of Lee Precision reloading equipment. Nowadays we also distribute shotshell reloaders for Mayville Engineering Company, Inc., which include the wildly popular MEC presses and dies. And we also carry reloading equipment from the highly reputed, Redding Reloading. Not to forget that we have a huge variety of Mighty Armory dies in stock and that we also distribute all Dillon Precision products.

And last but not least, we have our very own Titan products, which include a myriad of harnesses, primers, wrenches, and even our very colorful logo t-shirts, hats and press covers.
You can view and/or order any of these high quality supplies in our shop from Monday to Saturday during working hours.

Seeing is Believing and Trusting

Before opening our current showroom, we thought that our detailed online catalog was enough. After all it featured all the necessary product details of all our business offerings. What we didn’t realize then was that some of our customers prefer to interact with the products on a physical level. Most customers also value the intimate business relations that come with across-the-counter transactions. The face-to-face shopping environment enables clients to ask us all kinds of questions, to explore and browse our large inventory in-person, and to ultimately forge stronger and more sincere business ties with us.

A Family of Customers

Our showroom at 994 W. Sumner St. upholds all the principles and values that have made our online business a huge success. All our business endeavors are fully committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction through unwavering respect and business integrity. Feel free to visit our showroom for any product/business queries and/or needs or even to attend our free monthly reloading workshop. Your physical presence will help establish and enhance family like ties in our fast-growing Titan community.

For further information about our reloading supplies or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us directly at 262-397-8819.

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Top 4 Reasons to Reload Instead of Buy

Lee reloading

There are two camps in the weapons and ammunition world: those who buy and those who reload. This may be on oversimplification to the uninitiated but the truth is, if you’re a serious gun owner you fall into one of these two categories. Bear in mind, one is not inherently better than the other and if you’re serious about gun safety and ownership then right away you’re on the right side of the fence.

There are plenty of reasons to buy instead of reloading. Maybe you don’t shoot as much or are nervous about doing-it-yourself. Fear not, because reloading can be easy, fun and fulfilling… and a heck of a lot easier on the wallet when you get right down to it.

So for those of you who aren’t reloading, here are the top 4 reasons to reload instead of buy!

4. It’s Cheaper

Your average 50-count of factory made 44 Magnum bullets will cost you around $35 a box. That’s not an insignificant amount of money. On the other hand, if you’re reloading that same kind of ammo and count, it’s going to cost you about $13; that’s a savings of $22!

3. You Can Shoot a Whole Lot More

Did you run out of bullets just as you were hitting your targets and now your local sporting goods store is already closed for the day? It’s happened to all of us, even those sportsmen with the best foresight.

But if you’re well stocked with reloading supplies, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of bullets again! Just reload and continue shooting!

2. Hit More of Your Targets

There are studies that have shown that hand reloading or using reloading supplies improves the accuracy of your weapon. Most of it comes down to bullet seating depth. Even if you buy the same caliber of the same brand, there can be massive variations in the chamber design. The cartridge may be designed to fit all chambers, but, upon firing, there will be a disparity in the distance between the rear end of the cartridge and precisely where the bullet engages the rifling after leaving the opening of the case.

This measurement can significantly differ within the official SAAMI caliber specification. Ammunition produced in a factory will no doubt be loaded to the shortest specification because this will allow the cartridge to chamber in all guns for that caliber without jamming into the action.

By reloading, you can create cartridges to the exact specifications of your weapon and improve firing accuracy across the board!

1. It’s a Heck of a Lot of Fun

The number one reason is that reloading your ammunition is just plain fun. It allows you to know your weapon better and mental stimulation, like reloading, can improve your brainpower, helping you stay sharper and more accurate for longer!

Don’t be a buyer for life, start with quality reloading supplies and start enjoying your weapon smarter, longer and more accurately! For further information or questions please contact Titan Reloading at 262-397-8819 or visit

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Why Reloading is About More than Just Saving Money

When most people get into reloading, the idea is that they are doing it to save money. There is no doubt that investing in reloading supplies can be a great way to save money, but most feel that they get so much more out of the practice.

To start, there is something to be said for creating something yourself. Factory rounds certainly do the job, but many reloaders take a special pride in the ammunition that they produce by hand. In addition to that, there is the added bonus of being self-sufficient.

Reloading supplies

For some people, the process of reloading allows one to enjoy the process and the attention to detail that goes into reloading, which becomes just as big of a hobby as shooting.

Beyond that, you also have the interesting process of tinkering with and experimenting on different loads. It gives one the ability to develop specific rounds for different guns. You can try something out with a small batch, see how it goes and then make adjustments to get it just right. With this ability, it really adds a whole new dimension to your hobby as a shooter.

Of course, the practical benefits of reloading should not be ignored, but we think this is a practice that can offer something to the individual on a personal level. Whether you are interested in reloading simply as a cost saving measure or you think that it might be a hobby that can offer you more, Titan Reloading has all of the reloading supplies that you need.

For further information or to peruse and shop from our online store please visit or for any questions about our selection of high-quality presses and supplies contact Titan Reloading at 262-397-8819.

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The One-Stop Shop for Reloading Supplies


With the costs of ammo shooting up in the recent past, many people have begun to consider reloading, or opting for loaded ammunition. While reloading or handloading supplies are widely available at gun shows, gun shops or online, good research is essential before making a purchase. After all, a misfired weapon can cause serious injuries, or worse!

What Reloading Supplies You Need?

Reloading involves getting rid of the spent primer from the used casing, resizing the casing and using new primer before loading it with powder, and inserting and crimping a fresh bullet. Invest in necessary tools such as a reloading press, dies, shell holder, powder scale, powder trickler, powder funnel, powder measure, calipers, priming tools, trimmers, cleaners, lube and a reloading bench, apart from standard components such as bullets, powder and cases.

While you may purchase each of these products individually, opt for kits if you are a novice or if you’d like to get all your reloading supplies at one go. Include a reloading manual with your purchase so that you can reload more efficiently.

Finding Reloading Supplies Online

All of the reloading supplies and kits at, are manufacturer-approved and backed by a warranty. While there is an endless list of reloading supplies you can invest in, start with the basics and expand your supplies as you become an expert reloader. Few hobbies are as rewarding as shooting sports, and reloading with the right supplies adds a rich dimension to the overall experience.

For further information or to peruse our online store for your favorite reloading equipment please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262-397-8819 with any questions.

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Lee Reloading Products

Lee reloading products

Since the launch of Titan Reloading, we have become the master suppliers of the Lee Reloading supplies. We provide every service and product part that is contained in Lee Reloading catalog at the most competitive prices.

The success of Titan Reloading is attributed to two principles; service and support. Indeed, Lee Precision has had a remarkable reputation in the industry for decades. All our seasoned reloading clients enjoy sharing their personal experiences with us. The friends that we make are the most rewarding part of our business.

A brief overview of Lee Reloading products and why they are the best

  1. The products are of the highest quality

    We are expert reloading suppliers and can assure you that, Lee Precision provide the highest quality products in terms of safety, reliability, accuracy, and cost. We are the leading distributors of the brand new, quality reloading products that are supplied directly from the Lee Precision Company. Hence, all our reloading supplies have passed the strict high-quality control tests of the manufacturer – Lee Precision Factory.

  2. The Lee guarantee

    Lee Precision always provides the best guarantee that any smart reloader will maximize. All Lee Reloading supplies that you buy from Titan Reloading are unconditionally guaranteed for a 2-year period. In addition, all our customers are entitled to full refunds within 30 days after purchasing the products—no questions asked!

  3. History of Reloading excellence

    Lee Precision Business was started in 1958. And over the years, the business became popular as the main source of innovation in reloading industry, developing reloaders for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Currently, Lee Precision reloading products are used by many nationwide.

For further information about Lee reloading products or about Titan Reloading please visit and make us your trusted partner for the best reloading supplies. Contact Titan Reloading with any questions and our expert staff is always available to help and guide you at 262-397-8819.