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The Economics of Reloading: Analyzing Cost Savings Over Time

The Economics of Reloading

In the world of shooting sports and hunting, the debate between purchasing factory ammunition and reloading your own is as old as the practice itself. With the rising costs of ammunition and the growing interest in custom loads, more shooters are turning towards reloading as a cost-effective and satisfying hobby.

In this article, our experts at Titan Reloading will compare the costs and benefits of reloading supplies vs factory-made ammunition to help you determine how much, and how quickly, you can save.

The Basics of Reloading Supplies

Understanding the costs associated with reloading begins with a comprehensive look at the necessary supplies. Reloading requires an initial investment in equipment and materials, including:

  • Reloading Press: The cornerstone tool for any reloader, available in single-stage, turret, and progressive models.
  • Dies: Caliber-specific tools that resize the brass, remove the spent primer, and seat the new bullet.

After this, you’ll incur per-round costs:

  • Powder: Propellant for the bullet, which must be measured precisely for safety and performance.
  • Primers: Small but critical components that ignite the powder charge.
  • Bullets: Projectiles, available in various weights and designs for different purposes.
  • Brass Casings: The reusable shell that holds the bullet, powder, and primer together.

While this list of supplies might be daunting, let’s take a look at how they compare to factory ammunition costs in the long run.

The Costs of Reloading vs Factory Ammo

While the immediate investment of reloading equipment can serve as a barrier, the reloader who invests in bulk components can often see the cost per round drop below that of factory ammo.

Unlike factory ammunition, where you pay for each round, reloading supplies can be purchased in bulk, at a lower per-unit cost. Additionally, brass casings can be reused multiple times, further reducing expenses.

The savings extend beyond just the price per round. Reloading allows shooters to customize their loads to match their specific needs, potentially leading to better performance and accuracy without the premium price tag of specialty factory ammunition. This aspect, while not directly a part of the cost analysis, adds value to the practice of reloading.

The Long-Term Cost Savings Analysis

To truly appreciate the economic benefits of reloading, you’ll have to consider the long-term savings, especially for frequent shooters. Over time, the initial cost of purchasing reloading equipment is amortized over thousands of rounds, significantly lowering the average cost per round compared to factory ammo.

Frequent shooters, who expend large quantities of ammunition, benefit the most from reloading. Not only do they save money with each round, but they also gain the flexibility to produce custom ammunition tailored to their shooting preferences.

For those contemplating the switch to reloading for economic reasons, it’s crucial to project your shooting habits and ammunition usage over several years. By doing so, you can calculate the break-even point.

For example, high-quality equipment might cost you about $600, and each bullet might save you $0.20 per round. At this rate, you’ll break even at about 3000 rounds, improving your cost-efficiency and quality in each round thereafter. Beyond the economic benefits, reloading often becomes an enjoyable hobby, adding to the list of long-term benefits.

Getting Started with Quality Reloading Supplies

To maximize your cost savings with reloading, it’s important to invest in high-quality reloading supplies. The right equipment can save you time and money in the long run, while also helping you improve the quality of your ammunition.

Fortunately, Titan Reloading provides the reloading resources and supplies you’ll need to create better bullets at a lower cost. Whether you’re a seasoned reloader or just starting out, our comprehensive catalog has everything you’ll need to start saving on ammunition.

With Titan Reloading, you’re choosing a trusted provider of top-tier reloading supplies. Discover our exceptional range of reloading supplies by visiting our showroom, conveniently located at 994 W. Sumner St., Hartford, Wisconsin, or contact us today to find the best reloading supplies for your needs. Tap into the Titan Advantage today and let precision guide your reloading journey.

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Titan Reloading: Hitting the Mark with Quality Reloading Supplies

Reloading Supplies

Reloading supplies are indispensable for individuals seeking to control their ammunition quality and performance. Each reloading component, from brass cases to bullets and reloading equipment, is crucial in the reloading process. As shooters continue to embrace the art of reloading, a deeper understanding of these supplies contributes to a safer and more fulfilling shooting experience. Whether for precision marksmanship, competitive shooting, or straightforward enjoyment, Titan Reloading empowers enthusiasts to elevate their shooting endeavors to new heights.

 Enhancing Performance

Reloading ammunition offers several ways to enhance performance compared to using factory-made rounds. Utilizing reloading supplies allows shooters to tailor their ammunition to specific needs, resulting in improved accuracy, consistency, and overall shooting experience. If you enjoy shooting as a sport, reloading is a logical extension of the hobby.

  • Customization of Loads – allows flexibility based on individual preferences and shooting requirements. Reloading supply users can experiment with different bullet types, weights, and powders to create loads that best suit their firearm and shooting style.
  • Consistent Powder Charges – are crucial for accuracy and performance. Reloading allows meticulous control over the amount of powder in each cartridge, ensuring uniformity and predictable ballistics. This precision is often challenging to achieve with factory-made ammunition.
  • Optimized Cartridge Length (OAL) – is critical for accuracy and reliability. Reloaders can fine-tune the OAL to match the specifications of their firearm, improving chambering and feeding consistency with reloading supplies.
  • Consistent Brass Preparation – can be encouraged by reusing brass cases through reloading. Cases can be trimmed, resized, and chamfered (beveling the inside of a case mouth) to ensure uniform dimensions, leading to reliable chambering and extraction.
  • Tailored Velocities – are possible with reloading. Reloaders can adjust the velocity of their rounds by selecting powders with specific burn rates. This customization allows for optimal ballistic performance and will enable shooters to manage recoil according to their comfort and shooting requirements.
  • Quality Control – shooters can inspect each component of the ammunition, ensuring that there are no defects or inconsistencies. This attention to detail contributes to overall reliability and safety.
  • Adaptability to Firearm Variability – can be an issue with manufactured ammo. Firearms can have slight variations, even within the same model. Reloading supplies allows shooters to adapt their ammunition to the specific characteristics of their individual firearm, accounting for factors like barrel length and rifling.

Reloading Basics: Paying Attention to Detail

Learning how to reload ammunition is a rewarding endeavor that requires careful attention to detail, adherence to safety guidelines, and a willingness to acquire the necessary skills. Remember, safety is paramount in the reloading process. Always follow recommended guidelines, be meticulous in your measurements, and start with conservative loads.

Unlock the Power of Precision with Titan Reloading

The benefits of quality reloading supplies are undeniable. From ensuring safety to enhancing accuracy and providing excellent longevity, quality reloading equipment delivers on every front. While choosing the highest quality reloading supplies may seem daunting, understanding your needs, the know-how to research reputable brands, and the wisdom to seek expert advice becomes much simpler.

At Titan Reloading, we redefine precision with our wide range of the best reloading supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, our extensive catalog boasts the finest reloading equipment to elevate your performance. Coupled with competitive pricing, we ensure that every reloading enthusiast finds the perfect tools without breaking the bank.

With Titan Reloading, you’re choosing a trusted provider of top-tier reloading supplies. Discover our exceptional range of reloading supplies by visiting our showroom, conveniently located at 994 W. Sumner St., Hartford, Wisconsin, or contact us today to find the best reloading supplies for your needs. Tap into the Titan Advantage today and let precision guide your reloading journey.

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Exploring the Benefits of Investing in Quality Reloading Supplies

Best Quality Reloading Supplies

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out in the world of firearms, one thing remains crucial: the quality of your reloading supplies. Not only can these supplies greatly influence your shooting experience, but they also play a vital role in ensuring your safety.

In this article, we will explore the many benefits of investing in top-notch reloading equipment and provide some pointers on choosing the best reloading supplies.

Why Quality Matters

Quality reloading supplies come with various benefits that transform your shooting experience. It’s an investment that pays dividends in safety, performance, and satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at how superior reloading equipment heightens your shooting performance and makes the reloading process a more satisfying experience.

Improved Safety

When dealing with firearms, safety is paramount. This is especially true in handloading or reloading, where the quality of your supplies directly impacts your safety. As you can imagine, high-quality reloading supplies are integral in fostering safer practices and reducing the likelihood of malfunctions or accidents.

Quality reloading equipment, including cases, primers, powder, and bullets, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and rigorous testing. This ensures that they meet the highest standards of safety and performance. With superior materials and precise manufacturing, high-quality supplies drastically reduce the risk of case ruptures or primer misfires that could result in serious injury.

Further, top-tier reloading supplies promote consistency and, in turn, aid in producing more reliable ammunition. Reliable powder provides predictable pressures, and quality cases resist cracks and splits. These factors all contribute to safer, more reliable rounds.

Better Accuracy

Achieving consistent accuracy is the ultimate goal for any shooter, and the quality of your reloading supplies plays a vital role in hitting that mark. High-quality reloading equipment can significantly enhance shooting accuracy due to their uniformity and precise manufacturing.

Every component of a cartridge, from the case to the bullet, contributes to its overall performance. With high-quality reloading supplies, each piece is manufactured to exact specifications, ensuring consistency across the board. This uniformity translates to stability in flight, which significantly improves accuracy.

Moreover, superior reloading equipment gives you the power to tailor your ammunition to your specific firearm. You can fine-tune the bullet, powder charge, and seating depth to optimize performance. This level of customization, coupled with the reliability of top-tier supplies, allows for unprecedented control over your shooting accuracy.

Increased Lifespan

Quality reloading supplies undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they can withstand repeated use without losing integrity. Whether it’s durable brass cases that resist splitting after multiple reloads or reliable primers that maintain their performance despite changing conditions, high-quality components last longer and perform consistently, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Additionally, premium reloading equipment enables a more consistent reloading process. They adhere to tighter tolerances, resulting in more uniform cartridges that reduce wear and tear on your firearm, contributing to its longevity. As a result, they maintain their performance attributes over time, unlike cheaper options that may degrade, providing you with reliable, consistent ammunition for longer.

Understand Your Needs

Choosing quality reloading supplies begins with a deep understanding of your individual needs. Identifying these can help streamline your selection process, ensuring you’re investing in the right supplies that align with your firearm type, shooting frequency, and performance expectations.

Different firearms have varying specifications and preferences, and your reloading equipment should match these. Understanding your firearm’s requirements is critical to choosing the right bullet type, case, primer, and powder.

Be sure to also consider your shooting frequency. If you’re a high-volume shooter, the durability and shelf-life of supplies become paramount. In this case, opting for high-quality reloading supplies that withstand repeated use and have longer shelf lives is a wise decision.

Seek Expert Advice

Lastly, navigating the variety of reloading supplies can be overwhelming. That’s where expert advice comes into play. Seeking guidance from seasoned shooters, gun shop owners, and online communities can provide invaluable insights and aid your decision-making process.

Seasoned shooters have a wealth of practical knowledge from years of experience with different brands and products. They can provide personalized advice, sharing insights about what worked for them and what did not, based on similar firearms or shooting styles.

Additionally, business owners are often experienced shooters with deep knowledge of the products they sell. They can provide recommendations based on your specific needs and help you understand the pros and cons of different options to help you continually improve your reloading experience.

Unlock the Power of Precision with Titan Reloading

The benefits of quality reloading supplies are undeniable. From ensuring safety to enhancing accuracy and providing excellent longevity, quality reloading equipment delivers on every front. While choosing the highest quality reloading supplies may seem daunting, understanding your needs, the know-how to research reputable brands, and the wisdom to seek expert advice becomes much simpler.

At Titan Reloading, we redefine precision with our wide range of the best reloading supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, our extensive catalog boasts the finest reloading equipment to elevate your performance. Coupled with competitive pricing, we ensure that every reloading enthusiast finds the perfect tools without breaking the bank.

With Titan Reloading, you’re choosing a trusted provider of top-tier reloading supplies. Discover our exceptional range of reloading supplies by visiting our showroom, conveniently located at 994 W. Sumner St., Hartford, Wisconsin, or contact us today to find the best reloading supplies for your needs. Tap into the Titan Advantage today and let precision guide your reloading journey.

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Maintaining Your Reloading Supplies: Tips for Longevity

Best Reloading suppliers near me

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gun enthusiast, taking care of your reloading supplies is essential for optimal performance and longevity. In this article, we’ll share essential maintenance tips and advanced techniques for extending the lifespan of your reloading equipment to ensure you get the most out of your reloading experience.

Maintaining your reloading supplies is an indispensable part of the equation when it comes to safeguarding your passion for shooting or hunting. This investment not only enhances your marksmanship skills but also extends the longevity of your gear.

To keep your shooting sessions seamless and your gear lasting longer, we’ve assembled a helpful guide on maintaining your reloading equipment. From understanding different types of supplies to learning practical cleaning and storage techniques, here are some of the best ways to help you see significant improvements in your shooting experience.

1. Proper Storage

To ensure the longevity of your reloading equipment and supplies, it’s essential to store them in a dry environment, as moisture can cause damage and corrosion to your brass and bullets, compromising their performance. Invest in airtight containers or ammo cans with moisture-absorbing packets to keep your components free from humidity.

Additionally, a well-organized system for storing your reloading supplies will make it easier to find what you need and prevent any mix-ups that could lead to dangerous mistakes. Consider using clear plastic bins or labeled drawers to separate different types of brass, bullets, and other components, as this will save you time during reloading sessions while ensuring accuracy and safety.

Furthermore, rust can be detrimental to the functionality of your reloading equipment, so taking steps to prevent its formation is crucial. After each use, thoroughly clean all metallic parts using an appropriate solvent or oil-based cleaner designed for firearms maintenance. Apply a light coat of protective oil before storing the equipment in a cool, dry place away from any potential sources of moisture.

2. Proper Cleaning

Remember that proper cleaning and maintenance of your reloading supplies improves performance and extends their lifespan. Don’t overlook these essential steps in caring for your equipment.

  • Cleaning Brass Casings

    After every use, make sure to remove dirt, debris, and residue from the casings. Use a brass tumbler or cleaning solution to achieve a polished finish.

  • Maintaining Dies and Presses

    Keep your dies and presses clean by wiping them down with a cloth after each reloading session. Inspect for any signs of wear or damage that may affect their performance.

  • Cleaning Powder Measures

    Regularly clean your powder measures using compressed air or a soft brush to ensure accurate powder measurements.

  • Lubrication

    Choosing the proper lubricant is crucial for maintaining your reloading supplies. Different types of lubricants are designed for specific components, such as case bullet lube. Be sure to select a lubricant compatible with your materials and provides adequate protection against heat and friction.

    Proper application techniques are essential to ensure adequate lubrication. Use a clean cloth or brush to apply a thin layer of lubricant evenly on the surfaces that require it. Avoid over-lubrication, as excess lubricant can attract dirt and debris, leading to malfunctions in your reloading process.

3. Inspection and Replacement

Regularly inspecting your reloading supplies is crucial for identifying signs of wear and tear. Look for visible damage, such as cracks, dents, or rust on press components. Pay attention to any unusual noises or reduced performance during reloading, as these can also indicate worn parts.

Regularly inspecting cases for signs of wear or damage is another crucial in maintaining the longevity of your reloading equipment. By keeping a close eye on your cases, you can ensure their integrity and avoid potential accidents. Additionally, checking primer seating depth accuracy is essential for consistent and reliable ammunition. Lastly, replacing worn-out dies will guarantee optimal performance and prevent any issues during the reloading process.

Titan Reloading – One Stop Shop for All of Your Reloading Supplies

Maintaining your reloading supplies is a crucial aspect of being a responsible gun owner and ensuring optimal performance. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to issues such as corrosion, contamination, and wear and tear, affecting the efficiency and safety of your reloading process.

At Titan Reloading, we believe in the power of precision, and our vast range of premium reloading supplies is a testament to this commitment. Crafted by the leading brands in the industry, each product is meticulously designed to deliver unbeatable performance and enduring quality.

From our knowledgeable staff to competitive prices, we aim to give you an unparalleled shopping experience. Every visit is an opportunity to explore our ever-evolving selection of reloading equipment and find precisely what you need to increase your performance.

Titan Reloading doesn’t just sell the best reloading supplies; we build relationships. Our Lifetime Loyalty Discount program is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ for your trust in us, and every purchase earns you additional discounts, ensuring you get the absolute best value for your money.

For further information and/or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 262.397.8819 with any inquiries.

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5 Essential Reloading Supplies for Optimal Performance

Reloading Supplies for Optimal Performance

Reloading ammunition isn’t just about saving money; it’s a rewarding process that allows you to fine-tune your ammo for optimum performance and accuracy. To simplify your journey and help you make informed decisions, here are five must-have reloading supplies to help you get started building ammunition that suits your shooting style.

1. Case Trimmers

Case trimmers are essential for any gun enthusiast who reloads their own ammunition. These bench-mounted devices allow you to trim the casings of your spent cartridges quickly and accurately, correcting the length, and ensuring they will properly fit in your firearm’s chamber.

When selecting a case trimmer, consider factors such as ease of adjustment, durability, and compatibility with different cartridge types. By investing in a high-quality case trimmer, you can ensure consistent performance with greater accuracy.

2. Bullet Pullers

Bullet pullers are another must-have for anyone looking to reload their ammunition. These tools help remove bullets from the cartridge case without damaging them, making it easier to correct reloading mistakes and avoid misfires.

When shopping for bullet pullers, cheaper options may save you money upfront but can cost more in the long run due to frequent replacements. Look for brands that offer durable materials like aluminum or steel construction. Thus, you’ll enjoy safe, accurate shooting experiences while saving money on ammunition costs.

3. Case Gauges

Investing in a reliable case gauge should be essential to any gun enthusiast’s toolkit for safe and efficient reloading. A case gauge helps ensure that your ammunition meets the necessary dimensions for proper operation and safety when used in your firearm.

Case gauges also allow you to check the length, diameter, and overall quality of your cases before reloading them and avoid using faulty cases. By detecting these issues early on, you can discard damaged casings before they cause dangerous malfunctions while firing.

4. Powder Tricklers

Powder tricklers are essential for precision reloading. Powder tricklers allow for the controlled dispensing of gunpowder, which can be extremely helpful in ensuring consistent and precise powder measurements.

When using a powder trickler, it’s essential to take your time and be patient. Rushing the process can lead to inconsistent charges that could affect the accuracy of your shots. With proper use and practice, a powder trickler can help you achieve reliable performance in due time.

5. Reloading Presses

Reloading presses come in various types, including single-stage, turret, and progressive presses. Single-stage presses are ideal for beginners as they allow for precision work on each round, while turret presses can handle multiple stages of the process at once and offer more efficiency than single-stage presses, and progressive presses offer even greater speed and efficiency by automating much of the reloading process.

Regardless of which type you choose, investing in a high-quality reloading press that is easy to operate is essential. With proper care and maintenance, your reloading press can provide years of reliable reloads.

Master Reloading and Achieve Superior Results with Titan Reloading

Reloading your own ammunition offers numerous benefits, including cost effectiveness and customization options that are not available with factory ammo. By utilizing the information and reloading supplies mentioned above, you can tailor your ammunition to meet specific needs, firearms, and shooting styles and achieve improved accuracy and performance.

At Titan Reloading, we understand the importance of having the right tools for your reloading needs. Hence, we’re proud to be the number one choice for reloading supplies by offering competitive pricing and a wide range of reloading supplies and equipment from all the leading brands in the industry.

Contact Titan Reloading today to learn more or visit our showroom, conveniently located at 994 W. Sumner St., Hartford, Wisconsin, to browse our extensive range of reloading supplies and ask about our Lifetime Loyalty Discount to find out how you can earn an extra discount every time you shop with us.

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Is Reloading Ammunition Worth It?

Reloading Ammunition

Those who reload understand that the ones used to buying ammunition often have many questions about the benefits of reloading. In a time where commerce is about convenience and items are readily available, many may wonder why spend the time and effort to reload ammunition.

It is important to have the proper reloading supplies to make this effort worthwhile, so this blog will focus on how to properly get started.

Quality of Ammunition

One of the main reasons that people explore the idea of reloading is due to the quality of commercially-purchased cartridges. Sometimes it is due to changes in quality over time. Sometimes it is because peers demonstrate a difference in quality using their own reloaded ammunition.

Reloading, provides less wear and tear on your weapons, making them less susceptible to jams or broken components. By choosing the ingredients that go into your reloads, you control the quality of ammunition, which in turn affects the ammunition, weapon, and ultimately your performance.

Increased Shooting Accuracy and Precision

Related to the issue of quality, many shooters decide to start reloading to improve their shooting precision.

To many, the idea of a machine weighing, measuring, and assembling ammunition sounds more consistent than the idea of a human doing each step. In many industries, this is a fair assumption.

Remember, however, that the machines designed to assemble ammunition are built and calibrated to produce the maximum number of rounds with a reasonable tolerance of error in a specific amount of time. The idea is to make the business profitable.

By reloading via top of the line reloading supplies and equipment, you control the ingredients, the way the projectile is seated, and the way the round is assembled.

You can then experiment with your rounds to find which methodology works best for a particular weapon and for what you’re attempting to accomplish. For example, a match shooter will likely have a vastly different process than a hunter.

Done properly, reloaded ammunition gives you greater accuracy and precision in your shooting because you control what goes into your rounds and how you assemble them. With time, patience, and practice, you can hone your skills simply by reloading your ammunition rather than running commercially purchased rounds through your weapon.

For some, there could be concerns about restriction or oversight of the amount of ammunition being purchased or stored by an individual.

Supply and Cost

It is no secret that supply and demand impact cost. As demand rises for certain ammunition and available supply doesn’t keep up with that demand, costs can quickly skyrocket.

External influences such as inflation, upcoming elections or changes of administration, and legislative changes can also have a substantial impact on the availability and cost of ammunition.

By acquiring reloading supplies and equipment and producing your own, you control your supply, which in turn helps you control your costs. If you can purchase needed supplies in bulk, you can further decrease your cost.


Having the existing knowledge, capacity, and reloading supplies for producing your ammunition puts one at a distinct advantage.

Finally, there is so much satisfaction in making things yourself. Reloading ammunition is relaxing and fun. It is a functional hobby and a fantastic skill for anyone to learn, perfect, and share with others.

For anyone curious about learning how to reload ammunition and looking for a place to get started, here is another blog post that takes a deep dive into the reloading supplies and equipment you need to get started.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. Let us hear about your ammo reloading tips and experiences via email. You’ll find the updated stream of insights and tips on our blogs, newsletters, help videos, and FAQs.

Titan Reloading is a Master Distributor of Reloading Supplies & Equipment online. For further information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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To Purchase or Reload, That is the Question

Lee Reloading Supplies

The most serious gun enthusiast generally takes pride and ensures their firearm is kept in optimal operating condition. Cleaning, oiling, lubricating moving parts, and maintaining the external surfaces with varnish or bluing are reverently accomplished. The ritual maintenance ensures the optimal condition and accuracy of the firearm.

However, attention to the ammunition is a separate issue. Most gun owners are content to purchase premade and prepackaged bullets by the box. However, the avid marksman utilizing reloading supplies to make their shot is becoming more popular.

As one becomes more experienced in the technique of reloading, nuances in the reloading equipment used are identified. Ultimately, the reloader will want to explore options that improve the process and quality of the resulting rounds.

The three most common concerns related to reloading instead of store-bought ammunition are time, money, and personal preference. However:

  • The savings associated with reloading are significant, especially for the frequent hobbyist using quantities of shells. Recent estimates suggest that reloading supplies to create stock ammo can provide 33% to 50% savings over prepackaged boxes of bullets.
  • Over time, this can represent a significantly decreased financial burden. The savings can be funneled into another firearm, upgrading reloading supplies, or paying for shooting range time.
  • Conversely, many find joy and satisfaction in having personal input into every aspect of the experience. An analogy would be an avid sports car owner who performs all the car’s engine maintenance personally, as opposed to one that takes the prized vehicle to an automobile repair shop for routine work.

Brand New, Remanufactured, and Reloading: What’s the Difference?

Only the shell casing varies when comparing the difference between factory-made and making personally handmade bullets with reloading supplies. Every other component of the shot is the same.

Modern reloading supplies, equipment and application create a perfectly smooth and identical reproduction of a new case. They are indistinguishable in appearance and function when compared to store bought ammunition.

In addition, the reloader can modify the casing to meet a specific need or preference. For example, the slug can be narrower, shorter, or longer. It can also be modified to accept various changes in the other components.

Titan Reloading (They Aim to Please)

With almost a quarter of a century of reloading experience, Titan Reloading has been “setting the standard, one customer at a time.”

The knowledge and experience given freely by Titan Reloading will provide the novice reloader confidence and a firm understanding on how to confidently reload with experience. They will also enhance the experienced smith to improve technique and productivity through up-to-date information, current advances, and top-of-the-line reloading supplies.


Wherever you fit into the range of experience with your firearm, Titan Reloading has volumes of options, tools and information to offer. Titan Reloading is here to help with any specific requirements when you are ready to start reloading or are interested in improving your current practice.

For further information or inquiries about the vast option of reloading supplies or specific item you are in need of, please contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 or visit to learn more.

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Speed Loaders

Best speed Reloaders

When it comes to handguns, there is no denying that semi-automatics reign supreme, but this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, the revolver, or wheel gun, was the go-to handgun for nearly a hundred years after first being popularized in the mid-1800s by Samuel Colt. Owing to their simple construction, revolvers are known for being very reliable and easy to use. Unfortunately, however, loading a revolver can be a time-consuming process, and thus, many shooters rely on speed loaders. But do speed loaders live up to all the hype?

What is a Speed Loader?

A speed loader is a cylindrically shaped device punched with holes to match the specific caliber and capacity of a revolver. Cartridges are loaded into the holes and locked in place near the rim of the cartridge. When it comes time to use the speed loader, it is placed directly over the cylinder of the revolver so that the cartridges are in line with the cartridge holes in the cylinder. A release button is then triggered, and the cartridges instantly drop into their corresponding holes.

True to its name, a speed loader can save you a lot of time when reloading your revolver. Better still, you can keep any number of speed loaders on hand so that the revolver can be loaded many times over. A second advantage of using speed loaders is their affordability. Most speed loaders cost between $15 – $30, making them affordable on nearly any budget. Because of their low price, it’s a great idea to grab a couple of speed loaders when purchasing your other reloading supplies. Lastly, speed loaders are very easy to use. There is a slight learning curve, but you’ll have the system in no time.

Although there are some minor drawbacks to using speed loaders, they are certainly worth consideration, especially if you’re heading to the shooting range. If concealability is a concern, it might be wise to search out other options, such as speed strips. However, in the end, speed loaders are going to save you much time when manually reloading your revolver. So the next time you replenish your reloading supplies, grab a couple of speed loaders. You won’t regret it!

For further information or inquiries about the vast option of reloading supplies or specific item you are in need of, please contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 or visit to learn more.

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The Best Handgun Calibers For Self-Defense

Handgun calibers - Titan Reloading

Having the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is crucial, and handguns offer a level of self-protection that is unmatched. But if you opt to use a handgun for protection, it’s essential that you choose a caliber that meets your needs. Deciding on a caliber can be difficult, so to make things easier, we’ve compiled a short list of the best handgun calibers for self-defense.

How to Choose the Best Caliber

Everyone has different needs and preferences, and therefore there is no “one size fits all” caliber for self-defense. Before deciding on a handgun caliber, you’ll want to consider the weight and size of the handgun, as well as the amount of recoil that you can safely handle. In short, you must be comfortable carrying and using the handgun.

Self-Defense Calibers

Here is our list of the top handgun calibers for self-defense:

1. 9mm Luger

When the 9mm Luger was introduced it was deemed a subpar round and, in turn, it received heavy criticism. However, it didn’t take long for the 9mm to win over its skeptics, and today it is the most widely used self-defense round in the world. It is a favorite among both civilians and law enforcement agents.

One of the primary benefits of using the 9mm Luger is the wide range of ammo available for the caliber, so if you’re a reloader, you’ll have no trouble finding adequate reloading supplies. This variety of ammo also makes it easy for shooters to find a round that they’re comfortable firing. Overall, the 9mm offers the perfect balance between recoil and stopping power. Moreover, because of their popularity, 9mm handguns are very affordable.

2. .380 ACP

The .380 ACP, or .380 Automatic Colt Pistol, has been around for over a century, and today it’s one of the top choices for self-defense. The bullet for a .380 is slightly smaller than a 9mm, and it lacks the stopping power necessary to make it a candidate for home defense. Furthermore, .380 handgun magazines typically hold only 5 or 6 rounds, which is somewhat limiting.

So why is the .380 ACP such a popular self-defense caliber? Well, the primary reason for its popularity is the ultra-compact size of the handguns, which makes them great for concealed carry. Their small size also bodes well for those looking for a backup weapon. Additionally, the .380 ACP produces minimal recoil, so it’s the perfect handgun caliber for those new to shooting.

3. .38 Special

If you prefer a revolver or wheel gun rather than a standard blowback-style handgun, you’ll want to consider the .38 Special. Technically, the .38 Special is the same caliber as a 9mm Luger, however it uses a low-velocity cartridge, so the bullet speed is less than that of a 9mm. This also means the .38 Special does not have the same stopping power as the 9mm.

On the other hand, the slower velocities of the .38 Special is safer to use in crowded areas or inside the home. Revolvers are safer to carry than blowback-style handguns because there is less chance of user error or the gun accidentally going off.

Preparation is Key

There is nothing more important than protecting yourself and your family, and handguns are one of the best options for self and home defense. As noted, there are several calibers that are suitable for self-defense, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Furthermore, if you reload your ammo, you should have no problem finding reloading supplies for any of these rounds. So whether you opt for the 9mm Luger, .380 ACP, or .38 Special, you can rest knowing that you’re prepared, should an emergency arise.

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4 Basic Tips Every Reloader Should Know

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Whether you’re a professional marksman or a weekend warrior, reloading ammo has countless benefits and it’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy. And while the fundamentals of reloading are easy to learn, there are always ways to improve the process. Here are four basic tips that every reloader should know.

Don’t Get Carried Away

One of the foremost benefits of reloading is the ease with which different bullets, powders, and casings, can be tested. This testing is particularly useful for competitive shooters because it allows them to improve the accuracy of their rounds by testing each component individually. Similarly, many hunters prefer to reload because they can increase the power of the round by adding more gunpowder than comes standard in factory-loaded rounds. The ability to try various combinations of bullets and powder levels is advantageous, but it’s easy to get carried away and, in doing so, stray beyond the manufacturer’s guidelines. Failing to adhere to these guidelines can compromise the integrity of the round, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Therefore, always follow the guidelines and specifications set forth in the manual.

Keep Records

Record keeping probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of reloading, but tracking your progress is essential for improvement. After all, it can take a lot of loading, shooting, and adjusting to find that sweet spot, so once it’s found, it needs to be logged. Likewise, it’s important to note when things go wrong, such as a lousy powder/bullet combination that results in a misfire or a load that builds up a dangerous amount of pressure before firing. Best of all, record-keeping is easy. All you need is a pen and a spiral notebook, and you’re ready to go!

Maintain Clean Equipment

Reloading involves working with precise tolerances, and if a bit of case lube or some metal shavings get in the way, it can cause problems down the line. The resizing die and setting die are components commonly compromised by dirt and grime. Fortunately, this issue is preventable so long as you’re willing to spend a few extra minutes cleaning your reloading equipment and reloading supplies after use. Ultrasonic cleaners work wonders for this task, but if you don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner, you can use cotton swabs dabbed in a copper solvent.

Stay Safe

Becoming a skilled reloader takes a lot of practice, but you’ll be pumping out rounds with confidence before you know it. As you familiarize yourself with the process, it’s easy to become complacent, and when working around gunpowder and live ammunition, complacency can lead to a dangerous situation. Therefore, you must always adhere to safety protocols, like wearing safety glasses and keeping the area free of clutter.

Becoming a Better Reloader

There is no doubt that reloading is a great way to save money and increase the reliability of your ammo. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun. The reloading process is relatively simple, and assuming you have the correct reloading supplies, you’ll be turning out rounds in no time. But before you get started, take heed of these four basic reloading tips, as they will help you become a better reloader. For further information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any question.