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ACME’s Hi-Tek “Lipstick” Bullets

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With the introduction of their Hi-Tek coated bullets, the ACME Bullet Company has raised the bar on reloading and shooting. Commonly referred to as “lipstick” bullets because of the red coating in which they are encapsulated, the benefits of ACME’s coated rounds are unmatched.

What Is ACME Hi-Tek Coating?

The Hi-Tek coating used by ACME is a specially designed substance that forms a molecular bond with the bullet, or, more simply, the coating and bullet become one. This bond prevents the Hi-Tek coating from peeling or chipping, even under the most extreme of conditions. ACME uses a 92-6-2 alloy for its bullet casts, which, in this case, means that 92% of the round is lead, and the remainder is tin and antimony.

What Are the Benefits of Using ACME Hi-Tek Coated Bullets?

Several outstanding benefits make ACME’s coated bullets a top choice for reloaders and shooters alike, including:

1. Eliminate Lead-to-Bore Contact and Leading

When a lead bullet is fired it creates an incredible amount of friction. This friction is typically reduced using a lubricant, such as wax or oil. In addition to decreasing friction, the lubricant forms a barrier between the bullet and the metal gun bore to help prevent leading. Leading occurs when alloy from a bullet is deposited inside the bore. Over time, leading can compromise the rifling in the bore and the overall integrity of the barrel. The durable coating on ACME Hi-Tek coated rounds eliminates the possibility of lead-to-bore contact, thus eliminating the possibility of leading or damage to the bore.

2. Less Smoke, More Range-Friendly

Since the ACME rounds are coated, there is no need for wax or oil lubricants, and this is great news for range shooters. After all, bullets lubricated with wax or other lubricants create a lot of smoke when they are fired, and if you’re sighting your gun or target practicing, the smoke cloud can become quite thick. With ACME’s coated rounds, there is no lubricant and, therefore, no smoke, making them perfect for the indoor shooting range.

3. Bullets Feed Easily

If you’ve spent any amount of time firing semi-automatic handguns, then you’re probably aware that they are prone to jamming. This happens when the rounds get hung up on one another and fail to load smoothly, and it can be very frustrating, to say the least. The coating on the ACME bullets promotes smooth feeding and drastically reduces the chances of a jam occurring. And less jamming means more time spent sighting your gun for hunting season.

4. Reloading Is a Breeze

The next time you purchase reloading supplies, you’ll want to try the ACME Hi-Tek Coated bullets. Aside from the other great benefits, they make reloading a breeze. Moreover, they work seamlessly with standard reloading equipment, so you will not have to buy any specialized tools. Best of all, they are available in an array of calibers, so you can start using ACME bullets in all of your guns.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. Let us hear about your ammo reloading tips and experiences via email. You’ll find updated stream of insights and tips on our blogs, newsletters, help videos, and FAQs.

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Setting Up Reloading Supplies and Equipment

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Ammo reloading is and should be an enjoyable, rewarding, and money-saving hobby. It is all of that and more… as long as your process is safe and reliable. At the heart of an error-free process is proper handling of reloading supplies with special care given to powder and primers. Combining that with trusted manuals and precisely following the instructions for reloading supplies assures an error-free process that delivers desired results.

A clean and organized workspace is a productive and safe workspace. Start by clearing any remaining equipment and reloading supplies from a previous project off your workbench. That doesn’t mean pushing things to the side of your bench. It is best to have a storage place for everything and put everything in its place. Make sure powder and primers are well labeled, properly packaged, and stored apart from each other.

Next, go through your manuals, notes, checklists, and other instructions to identify what you need for the reloading project you are about to begin. Make sure only the equipment and reloading supplies that you are going to use are on the bench and then double-check everything.

Once everything is ready to go, run one round through your setup. Check that round for accuracy and recheck your setup. Pay particular attention to your powder load. Run nine more rounds through your setup and check everything out one more time. If everything is good to go and you have a clear mind, you are ready to do the job. It’s also smart to check more rounds on a regular interval such as one out of every ten. After seating a bullet and before the completed round is ejected from the press, you want to visually inspect it. Just a glance is all you should need to see if something is off the mark.

Know When to Stop

If you start pinching fingers or cases, your mind isn’t on the task at hand, and it’s time to stop. Same thing if bullets or primers are misaligned. Too tired? Something else on your mind? It’s time to walk away until you’re in the right frame of mind.

Your process should not be redundant. You should get the same results every time. If something goes wrong, stop to reexamine your setup and process. For example, spilling powder on a progressive press indicates a powder bridge, with heavy and/or light charges. Examine the powder trails. What happened? Why? How do you fix it so that it doesn’t happen again?

Have a Step-by-Step Sequence

Ask 10 experienced reloaders their exact reloading process and you’ll probably get 15 or 20 good answers. Customizing ammo to your specific needs is more valuable than you might realize. Experimenting with various reloading supplies, powders, and bullet types/weights enables you to find the most accurate combination for your firearm and application.

With research, practice, and experimentation, you’ll fine-tune a step-by-step process that performs to your expectations for each cartridge that you reload. You want to start with a basic documented process and document each and every change that you make until your results meet your expectations. Don’t expect to remember every detail about a load unless you document it. There are many ways to keep your documentation organized. You might consider a spiral notebook for load research and field notes but a separate composition book for your finished master notes.

Tip: Starting with a loading manual from the same manufacturer as the bullets you use will take you step-by-step through the entire process. Having a second manual on your bench allows you to cross-reference load data.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. Let us hear about your ammo reloading tips and experiences via email. You’ll find updated stream of insights and tips on our blogs, newsletters, help videos, and FAQs.

Titan Reloading is a Master Distributor of Reloading Supplies & Equipment online. Choose from Lee Precision, Dillon, Hornady, Redding, Mec, & Lyman. For further information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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Back to the Future with Reloading Supplies

reloading supplies

Do you know what were some of the most common items found in both frontier trading posts and general stores? Not surprisingly, the answer is ammo reloading supplies! Basic components like black powder, flash powder or caps, bullet molds, patches/wadding, lubricant, and other necessities for reloading and maintaining guns.Often, people even manufactured some of these reloading supplies themselves to save money and to be more self-sufficient.

Our forefathers began arriving in North America in the 15th century with more advanced weapons (for that time) and large stores of reloading supplies. The German-made blunderbuss, an early version of the shotgun, was a favorite among early colonists. It featured a flared muzzle and a broad opening for fast and easy loading. Another common weapon was the matchlock musket, which used a match – in the form of a small burning rope to ignite gunpowder through a small hole in the gun’s loaded barrel. American firearms and reloading supplies have come a long way since those times.

Pioneering the American Wilderness

The American tradition of making your own ammunition dates back to the Revolutionary War, and before. In 1776, a crowd of New Yorkers and a group of soldiers lead by General Washington tore down a lead statue of King George II and sent it to be melted into musket balls. In need of reloading supplies, soldiers often melted lead into slugs with hand clamp molds. Pioneers were also hand-pressing bullets at cabin firesides.

From the time of the earliest pioneers, gunsmiths were vital members of small settlements. It was these pioneering and skilled gunsmiths who developed the American long rifle that became known as the Kentucky, Ohio, or Pennsylvania rifle. Of course, the most important feature was the extended barrel with twisting grooves that guided whatever was used as a bullet to spin as it exited the barrel, ensuring a straighter shot and better aim. These rifles were so prized that they were often elaborately carved and decorated with finely etched brass or silver plates.

Without skilled gunsmiths and trading posts for reloading supplies, bringing civilization to the American wilderness would have certainly taken much longer and been much more difficult. In some ways, it’s comparable with the modern reloader’s back to the future solution to get around the national ammo shortage since the pandemic began.

Many other advances in gun technology and reloading supplies occurred between the Civil War and the early 20th century. The Spencer Repeating Rifle Company patented a design at the start of the Civil War capable of repeated firing from a single ammunition load (a favorite of President Abraham Lincoln). Innovations also included rear-loading and breechloading systems from Sharps, Maynard, and Burnside.

Today, the availability of different caliber and bullet types has increased exponentially with a matching availability of reloading supplies. The next time you are ready to place an order, take a moment to appreciate the history of ammunition and the advancements in gun technology along the way.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time.Titan Reloading is a Master Distributor of Reloading Supplies & Equipment online. Choose from Lee Precision, Dillon, Hornady, Redding, Mec, & Lyman. For more information and/or to shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

You’ll find a constantly updated stream of insights and tips from our blogs, newsletters, help videos, and FAQs.

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Why You Should Start Reloading with Titan

Titan Reloading
More and more people are turning to reloading as a fascinating hobby that offers a high degree of self-sufficiency. Are you a shooter who is interested in producing your own ammunition? Titan Reloading is a well-known and respected provider of reloading supplies that can serve as your first stop on the way to mastering reloading. In this article, we share some of the many reasons why you should consider using Titan Reloading when you are getting started.

  1. Great products
    When you buy from Titan Reloading, you always get quality. We supply you with only the best reloading equipment and tools. We are a master distributor of Lee Precision reloading supplies, which are famed for their sky-high quality and reliability.
  2. Helpful staff
    We at Titan know the reloading game inside out! We’re also a friendly bunch. If you are just getting started with producing your own ammunition, you can always contact us. We are here to answer and guide you with any questions that you may have about reloading.
  3. Fair prices
    When you are still new to making your own ammunition, we know that it can all be a little intimidating at times. Among new reloaders, cost is one of the biggest concerns. With Titan, you can be assured of a fair deal. We much prefer to develop long-term relationships with you than to try to make a quick buck.

Titan Reloading sells the best reloading products on the market, plus our Lee Precision products come with a lifetime warranty. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. For further information or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 262-244-7023.

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How to order reloading supplies online

Reloading supplies online

Purchasing quality reloading supplies has become easier than ever before. With an internet connection and a few clicks of your mouse, you can receive what you need in a matter of days. In today’s article, we show you how to order reloading supplies online with Titan Reloading.

  1. Make a list of what you need

  2. Before you go online, it’s a sensible idea to list up what you need. Make a practical assessment of your current stocks and decide what you need to replenish or replace. This may seem like an obvious point, but being systematic about your requirements will save you time. It will also ensure that you don’t forget something of vital importance!

  3. Browse and select

  4. Navigate over to and browse the various categories. You can look for the items on your shopping list to see what is in stock. Alternatively, you can also use the Search bar on the top right of the website. Once you find the product you want, input the required quantity (displayed as “Qty”) and select the “Add to Cart” button.

  5. Input your personal information

  6. Once you have all the items you want in your cart, you can proceed with the purchase itself. Simply select “Checkout” from which you will then be prompted to provide your personal information. Rest assured that your personal information will be handled sensitively. We respect your privacy. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

  7. Double check your details

  8. Most of us want to get our reloading supplies delivered in rapid time. The last thing you need is to make a mistake with your address or billing details. Check over the information you provided to make sure it is correct before finalizing your order. This simple step will save you a lot of time and trouble later on!

When it comes to reloading, Titan Reloading is the best in the business. For further information or to order reloading supplies please visit or contact us at 262-244-7023.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Dies for Your Reloading Needs

Lee Reloading Dies
As a retailer featuring the full line of Lee Precision reloading supplies, we often get questions about which die set is right for a rifle or pistol. The process should begin with the purpose of the ammunition. Here are tips on choosing the right dies for any use.

Pacesetter Dies Are for Semi-Auto Action Rifles

The Lee Pacesetter and RGB Series dies allow you to produce factory-sized ammunition for any rifle, starting with semi-automatic actions. If you have casings fired in other rifles or you regularly reload multiple firearms, the Pacesetter and RGB dies are a good fit for you.

Collet Neck Sizing Dies Are for Precision

Lee’s Collet Neck Sizing Dies are for precision shooting from a single rifle. If you have used casings in one rifle and plan to reload for the same firearm, this choice of dies is ideal. No resizing lubricant is necessary.

Ultimate Rifle Die Set Is for Versatility

When you need reloading supplies for multiple guns and have cases used in other rifles, you need a solution like Lee’s Ultimate Rifle Die Set, which includes the Factory Crimp Die. This crimp is perfect for bottleneck cartridges and will improve accuracy while you’re on the hunt.

Carbide Three Die Sets Are for Controlled Brass

When reloading cases fired in handguns, the Carbide Three Die Set is a quality solution. Standard Lee Handgun Dies include the Carbide Sizing Die perfect for resizing cartridges for straight-walled pistols.

Carbide Deluxe Four Die Set

If you are looking for a carbide die set that includes a Factory Crimp Die the Lee’s Deluxe Four Die Set is the choice. The Carbide Factory Crimp Die is included in this set, a tool that allows users to separate bullet seating from crimping. Sizing features ensure casings will chamber in any handgun.

Lee Precision reloading supplies are available for all types of handguns and rifles at Titan Reloading. For further information or questions, please contact us at 262-244-7023 or visit Let Titan Reloading get you started reloading today.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Make Titan Reloading Your Trusted Partner

Titan Reloading
When investing in reloading supplies, it’s better to buy from a partner that you can trust. Better service, rapid response time and high quality product are just some of the reasons why we at Titan Reloading are the best in the business. In this article, we explain why we are better than the rest of the competition.

  1. Exceptional customer service

    At Titan Reloading, we strongly believe in putting the customer first. We are here to help you with whatever questions or problems you may have. Our customer service is truly exceptional!

  2. Rapid response time

    In the current hostile environment for shooters, we know that you don’t want to be kept waiting around for reloading supplies to arrive. We pride ourselves on delivering the goods to you as quickly as possible. Titan Reloading ships most orders within 1 business day.

  3. Reasonable pricing

    We know better than anyone that reloading can get expensive quickly. For that reason, we work to offer the best pricing possible to our customers. Rather than trying to make a quick buck from you, we strongly believe in forming long-lasting relationships. Providing reasonable pricing for a highly reliable product is one of the ways we are achieving this goal.

  4. Expert staff

    Reloading isn’t just a side business to us, it’s our whole business! Our staff are experts on all things reloading. Give us a call anytime on 262-244-7023 for advice. We are more than happy to help!

  5. Quality product

    This hobby being what it is, there is always some risk is involved. We are very aware of our responsibility to customers. For this reason, we sell only brand new supplies from the Lee Precision factory which are subject to stringent quality controls. What’s more, each and every product we sell comes with a two year guarantee and lifetime warranty!

When buying reloading supplies, look no further than Titan Reloading. Call us now on 262-244-7023 or visit

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Reloading Seeing a Huge Boom

Reloading Supplies
There’s never been a better time to get into the reloading hobby. What used to be a relatively niche hobby among a small group of firearms enthusiasts is quickly gaining steam among mainstream gun owners; more people than ever are investing in reloading supplies, learning the tools of the trade, and taking their reloaded ammunition down to the range. Reloading is currently in the midst of a huge national boom, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

There are multiple reasons for an increase in reloading sales. Ammunition shortages in some states (along with increased costs) are leading many gun owners to investigate reloading for the first time. Interviewed gun owners have cited lower costs, better reliability, and fun as reasons they got into the hobby. Across the United States, gun owners are investing in reloading supplies and setting up small workshops to ensure they are immune from expensive ammunition or ammo shortfalls.

Of course, every boom has a downside. Reloading supplies are harder to find in some locations thanks to the increased demand. That’s one reason that Titan Reloading works hard to keep a full selection of the best and most high-quality reloading supplies in the market in stock. We want our customers to feel comfortable knowing that no matter what type of reloading supplies they need, we’ve got them ready and waiting.

For further information or inquiries about reloading supplies or the reloading hobby, contact us today at 262-244-7023 or visit There is no substitute for the self-sufficiency granted by knowing how to create your own ammo.

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Avoiding Lead Exposure

Reloading Supplies

Reloading is a safe hobby when proper safety protocols are observed. However, some of the reloading supplies a reloader deals with do come with hazards and must be treated with care. Lead, for example, has been shown to cause serious harm to the body if exposure is not controlled. All reloaders must be aware of the dangers of lead exposure and should work proactively to limit direct contact with this needed reloading substance.

Here are some general guidelines on avoiding lead exposure during your reloading sessions:

Keep Your Hands Clean

Always wash your hands when you’re finished reloading. You can also wear safety gloves during the reloading process for extra protection. Washing your hands after handling reloading supplies ensures you don’t carry lead around with you for the rest of the day.

No Eating or Drinking

This sounds like common sense, but you shouldn’t be eating or drinking while reloading. Not only does it contaminate your reloading space, it makes it easy to accidentally ingest lead or other harmful chemicals.

Keep Your Space Clean

Use a damp cloth to wipe down your reloading station after every session. No matter how careful you are during the reloading process, lead will slowly accumulate in your workspace. Regular cleaning helps limit exposure by removing this built-up lead before it becomes a problem.

Wear a Mask

If you use a dry tumbler for cleaning your cartridge cases, make sure to wear a mask when you pour the cleaning media out afterward. Lead from your cases accumulates in the dust and can be accidentally inhaled during this step of the process.

Avoiding lead exposure is easy if you’re careful with your reloading supplies and maintain a clean workspace. For further information about reloading supplies or best practices, contact Titan Reloading at 262-244-7023 or visit

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Reloading Dangers

lee reloading supplies

At Titan Reloading, we work hard to support the growth of the reloading community and to inspire new shooters to take up the hobby. Reloading is cost-effective, enjoyable, and safe — as long as it is done according to established safety protocols. However, working with your own reloading supplies does carry inherent risks, and it’s important to understand these risks before you start down the reloading path.

Consider the following when determining whether reloading is right for you:

Injuries and Firearm Damage

Double-charging a round or using too much powder can create a dangerous situation that can result in permanent damage to your firearm or personal injury. This is one of many reasons it is recommended you only reload when you can work uninterrupted and with full focus. Old shell casings can crack, working with lead is always slightly risky, and ignoring manufacturer guidelines can create hazardous situations.

Do not start reloading if you’re not prepared to give it your full attention and follow established guidelines.


As a rule, reloaded ammunition is more reliable and more accurate than factory ammunition. However, this is only true when the reloader understands the reloading process and uses his or her reloading supplies correctly. Failure to follow instructions could put you in a vulnerable position. You must be ready to accept responsibility for the performance of your ammunition.

Again, reloading is only for people ready to take it seriously and approach it with the proper care.

Titan Reloading offers free reloading clinics every month that cover the basics of reloading supplies and established safe practices. For further information or any questions about reloading, good habits, or how to ensure your ammunition always performs as expected, contact us at 262.244.7023 or visit