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Reloading for Beginners

Reloading supplies

Ammunition reloading is used by beginners and veteran shooting enthusiasts alike to save money and take up an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby. The process is safe and efficient with the proper reloading supplies.

Reloading Manual

The reloading manual is the most essential item you will need for the reloading process. Used as a valuable reference source each time you develop a load, the manual also contains reloading information, as well as helpful tips to make the process smoother and more efficient.

A reloading press is an essential component of the reloading process that is used to:

  • Press brass casings against a decapping pin that forces out old primer
  • Forces casings into resizing die to return the brass to its original shape and size
  • Insert a new primer into an empty primer pocket
  • Opens the mouth of the casing to insert a new bullet
  • Press the new bullet into the casing
  • Crimp bullet casings

Reloading presses are available in three main types depending on the kind of reloading application you need.

Single Stage Press

Ideal for beginners and those with limited experience, a single-stage press is the most cost effective and easiest way to begin reloading your own ammunition. More costly and complicated presses can produce higher volumes quicker and easier, however working with the single stage press will teach you the basics of the process, from which allow you to build on your skills accordingly.

Turret Press

A turret press can hold multiple dies at one time allowing you to quickly index from one die to another, with some models offering an automated index function. Turret presses are often used as starter presses for rifle and pistol reloaders. They are also used as a precision rig by experienced loaders.

Progressive Press

A progressive press is used by experienced, active shooting enthusiasts who regularly go through a high volume of ammunition. Single stage reloaders do not suffice when processing hundreds of cartridges. These more complicated machines need more time, effort, and maintenance to set up and use safely and smoothly. Progressive presses feature multiple die stations designed to hold all dies needed for your reloading application, as well as powder measures and specialty dies. Progressive presses are the most expensive type of press created tocrank out large batches of ammunition.

Reloading Dies

Reloading dies screw into reloading presses as the press pushes the case into a die. A set of dies and shell holders is needed for each caliber you need to reload. The three main types of reloading dies include:

  • Sizing, decapping die
  • Expanding die
  • Seating and crimping die

Reloading Starter Kits

Shooter enthusiasts just getting started in the process of reloading ammunition often begin with a reloading starter kit that includes a complete set of components at a discount over purchasing each piece separately.  Even as you advance onto more advanced machinery and processes, you will still be able to make use of the single stage press and other reloading supplies that come in reloading starter kits.

More Reloading Supplies

Additional reloading supplies and accessories needed to reload your own ammunition include:

  • Powder Dispenser
  • Powder Scale
  • Calipers
  • Workbench
  • Case Cleaner

Contact Titan Reloading Today, The Premier Reloading Supplier

For further information or questions about ammunition reloading process, contact the industry professionals at Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 or browse our expansive online catalog to find exactly what you need to get started

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Lee Swage Tool Removes Crimps from Primer Pocket

Lee swage tool kit

The Lee swage tool kit available from the ammunition reloading professionals at Titan Reloading is used to remove the military crimp from the primer pocket while swaging the primer pocket the brass in an automatic processing press. The swage tool is designed and manufactured to leave a smooth entry radius for new primer.

All parts and components are made from high quality materials and designed specifically for use in the Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP). The APP quickly and easily prepares cases and size cast bullets, as well as an efficient and convenient single station reloading press.

Lee’s Swage Tool Kit for Automatic Process Press

The APP is a valuable piece of machinery for shooting pros and enthusiasts who enjoy the savings and self-satisfaction of making their own ammunition. The ability to easily primer pocket swage is just one of the many highlights and features of this versatile press. Being able to mount die to both the top and the bottom of the press is a revolutionary design that opens up its uses to additional applications such as:

  • Bulge bust
  • Deprime
  • Primer pocket swage
  • Size cast bullets

Lee Swage Tool Offers Convenience, Versatility

Now you can swage primer pockets just as fast as you can operate the press lever. The swage tool allows you to quickly remove crimps on the case primer pockets without having to cut them, saving time on cleaning up leftover trimmings and other debris.

The Lee APP Primer Pocket Swage Kit includes:

  • 22 & 30 caliper decap and flare die
  • Swage push die
  • Swage holder
  • 22 cal. and 30 caliper push rod
  • Small swage punch and large punch
  • Shell holder adapter

The process of primer pocket swaging is a quick and effective method for all range brass. Lee’s swage took kit is ideal for priming issues and is widely used for surplus military and law enforcement brass as an affordable source for large volumes of cases.

Cases that most frequently see primer pocket crimps include:

  • 45 ACP
  • 223 (5.56mm)
  • 30-06
  • 308 (7.62×51)
  • 9mm Luger
  • Special law enforcement 40 S&W

A hardened steel swage punch is extracted automatically from the primer pocket by five powerful 400-pound force disc springs. Breech lock die body quickly installs with no additional adjustment required.  An X-PRESS shell holder that is sold separately will help to speed cases through the swaging process.

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Whether you are veteran shooter with years of experience reloading or a beginner looking to save some money on your new hobby and get invested in the process, Titan Reloading is a one-stop shop for all materials and equipment needed for reloading supplies. A comprehensive online catalog includes the Lee Swage tool kit and everything else you need to get started or restock supplies.

For further information or to peruse and shop from our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading with any questions about any of our products at 262.397.8819.

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Lee Pro 4000 Press

Lee Pro 4000 Press

The Lee 4000 Press available at the industry professionals at Titan Reloading is ideal for avid shooters to save money by making their own ammunition. For competitive shooters and hunters the biggest ongoing expense is buying and rebuying ammunition. The Pro 4000 Press provides an easy and safe method to make your own.

Benefits and Features of the Pro 4000 Press from Lee 

The Lee Pro 4000 Press  is the most affordable and easiest to operate four-station progressive press on the market today. The Pro 4000 from Lee Precision has all of the incredible benefits and features of the Pro 1000 with a fourth station added to allow for factory crimping and post sizing.

Press priming is quick and dependable, making this press ideal for loading mixed range or well used brass. It is also ideal for basic case preparation processes such as depriming before a tumble cleaning session. You can deactivate the auto index function and the press acts as a handy and reliable single station press.

Among the features and benefits of the Lee Pro 4000 Press include:

  • Easy carriage changeover in just seconds, including primer size with no additional adjustments having to be made.
  • Attached bin and bracket to catch completed rounds.
  • Automatic case advancement setting up to 2 5/16”, with longer cartridges loaded and advanced manually.
  • Automatic universal case feeder.
  • Color coded spline drive, quick change breech lock bushings.
  • Easy to use process for installing and adjusting various dies.
  • Ergonomic wood grip roller handle.
  • Exclusive auto case placer.
  • Four breech lock bushings.
  • Hex wrench for shell plate change and storage rack for tools, a $30 savings compared to other brands.
  • Large and small sized safety prime and priming arms, allowing for safer dispensing of primers of all sizes and brands.
  • Unique design features allow as much or as little automated control as desired with no adjustments to be made.

Among the most common reasons shooting enthusiast use presses to reload ammunition include: 

  • Customize Bullets
  • Recreate Obsolete or Unavailable Ammunition Types
  • Rare Bullet Types
  • Cost Effective

Whenever operating the Lee 4000 Pro Press or any other reloading equipment, it is always essential to practice strict safety procedures and adherence to the press manual.

An impressive team of industry specialists at Titan Reloading is dedicated to providing novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts top quality reloading supplies  to produce ammunition at a fraction of the cost of purchasing complete ammunition.

For further information or questions please contact Titan Reloading today at 262.397.8819 or visit to peruse and shop from our extensive inventory.

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MEC Reloaders Troubleshooting Tips

MEC reloaders

The Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) has been designing, producing, and servicing shotgun shell MEC reloaders that generations of shooting enthusiasts have trusted since 1955. MEC reloaders are proudly made in the USA and available atTitan Reloading, a trusted supplier of premium quality reloading supplies[ and equipment.

Reloading ammunition with MEC reloaders is a relatively simple process, though it does involve moving parts on intricate machinery and specific instructions for exact measurements and mixtures. Even the most experienced and avid gun hobbyist can run into problems while operating MEC reloaders.

The following are some helpful tips if you run into trouble while reloading your ammunition

MEC Reloaders Downstroke Issues

If your reloader is jammed or bottoms out halfway down the downstroke, it is most likely due to the drying out of the resizing collet. Apply anti-seize lubricant on the outer areas of the collet fingers. The issue may also be caused by a buildup of shot or powder inside the collet. The wad guide on the progressive reloaders may also be set too low.

Bushing Droppings Varying from Chart Amounts[ 

The bushing chart supplies recommended bushing information, through charges can vary. An accurate, reliable scale is highly recommended to ensure accuracy and safety. Always make sure that the charge bar moves completely to each side with every motion.

Powder Leakage

A missing or damage grommet can cause powder to leak out of the top of the bar. Improperly installed or missing brass washers can also lead to powder leakage. Inspect and replace grommets and washers regularly to ensure a proper seal.

Changing Reloading Lead to Steel Shot

The process of reloading steel shot requires the installation of a steel shot kit and charge bar. When the kit is installed, only the charge bars need to be swapped out to go back and forth to lead shot applications.

Prominent Features of MEC Reloaders 

Among the design features that come with MEC reloaders include:

  • Flip-top measuring allows for the powder and shot containers to be easily inserted and removed without spilling.
  • Pro-check feature prevents spills by keeping the charge bar in proper sequence.
  • Charge bar provides quick changes to the powder charges.
  • Automatic primer feed comes standard on some models and is available as an accessory on those that do not.
  • Zytel rust-resistant crimp dies resist the building up of residue without the risk of corroding.
  • Cam-operated crimp assures a perfect crimp each load.
  • Adjustable rammer tube applies pressure to the wad column and can be adjust manually.

Power ring collet resizer squeezes the base back to its original dimensions and releases the shell.

Contact Titan Reloading for MEC Reloaders 

Titan Reloading is an industry leader in supplying premium quality, affordable ammunition reloading products, equipment, and accessories. An impressive team of reloading experts provides exceptional customer service and the industry knowledge to provide cost-efficient solutions to your reloading needs. Whether you are new to reloading or a veteran enthusiast, Titan Reloading is a one-stop source for reloading supplies.

For questions about MEC reloaders  and the rest of our comprehensive inventory options, contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819  or for further information please visit

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What Reloaders Need to Know About the Lee Classic Cast Turret Press Kit

Turret Press Kit bullet reloading

The Lee Classic Cast Turret Press Kit is the machine that does it all! The purpose of a turret press is for you to reload cartridges quickly and efficiently. When you place a single stage press, a turret press, and a progressive press side-by-side, you see that the turret is a hybrid between the single stage and the progressive. The Turret Press Kit is ideal for the reloader wanting speed and quality at an affordable price.

Speed and Versatility 

The Turret Press Kit (product # 90304) is capable of reloading any center-fire cartridge ranging from small critter calibers to large magnum cartridges. Your reloading speed increases dramatically over a single stage (that requires changing out dies between stages). The Lee Classic Cast Turret Press Kit holds up to four dies from which you can complete rounds without the time consuming need to change dies. You simply rotate the turret to advance to the next stage.

The common station set up uses 4 dies: 1. resizing/decapping, 2. case mouth expansion/powder charging, 3. bullet seating, and 4. factory taper crimp. With each handle pull, the die plate rotates to the next station without needing to screw in a different die. Your speed also increases via the powder dropping from a mounted powder measure through a hollow case mouth expansion die. Your ammo production greatly increases over that of a single stage press.

Quality and Durability

An ammo reloading press is a tool. A quality tools should withstand wear and tear especially through reloading. The Lee Classic Cast Turret Press is a premium quality tool made from heavy-duty materials. The cast iron, steel, and hardwood finish on the lever are strong, durable materials intended to endure use for many years to come and thousands of ammo rounds. The sturdy steel joints won’t break and the clearance area is designed to work with different types of rifle cases.

You won’t find a more versatile, solidly built turret press for a price this low any where. Some progressive presses may have some added functionality but most of the parts are sold separately.

The Turret Press Kit is a valuable tool that belongs on any ammo reloading work bench. Why pay more for anything less?

For further information and/or questions about our Lee turret press kit or any other product please contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 or to peruse and shop our online store please visit – the Master Distributor of Lee Precision reloading equipment & supplies at.

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Safety Tips for Reloading Ammunition

Reloading Supplies

Reloading ammunition is fairly easy and requires no special skills or advanced knowledge. Using top quality materials from Titan Reloading will help the process go smoothly and enable you to save money over time by reloading your own ammo.

The following are safety tips designed to help you stay safe and continue reloading ammunition for years to come.

Safety Glasses

Regular prescription glasses will not completely protect your eyes from an accidental primer explosion or other debris. Proper safety glasses have side shields and an apron. They come in prescription and non-prescription styles, as well as models that fit over standard glasses. Safety glasses are necessary for anyone in the room during the process of loading primers in casings.

Keep Reloading Space Clean

Start the reloading process with a clean counter and bench area. Organize components and gears, and keep only the materials needed in each step on the bench. It is crucial to property label containers to avoid accidentally mixing the wrong materials.

Take Your Time, Avoid Distractions

Reloading your own ammunition is a time-consuming task that needs your complete and undivided attention. Rushing the process will lead to costly and dangerous results. Work on your reloading only when you have enough time to do it properly at your pace. Turn off the television, put away your phone, and get down to business in peace and quiet. Never attempt to reload ammunition when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Keep Primers, Powder Away from Heat Source

Powder and primer are to be kept clear of heat sources and electrical power, and there is no smoking allowed in the area. Extra care needs to be taken when handling the canister tubes, which could explode if dropped.

Reloading Scale

There are scales on the market for all kinds of uses and applications. Reloading scales are specifically designed for weighing and reading of materials in the reloading process. Kitchen or postage scales are not calibrated to measure the kinds of materials with the precision necessary for reloading ammo.

Before weighing powder, make sure the reloading scale is free of dust and other debris that will alter the accuracy of the weigh.

Avoiding Lead Exposure

Excessive exposure to lead is hazardous to your health. Steps need to be taken to avoid unnecessary exposure to the metallic lead elements used in reloading ammunition.

  • Wash hands after handling ammunition materials
  • Avoid eating or drinking
  • Do not touch your face
  • Ensure proper ventilation and avoid inhaling reloading room dust
  • Use a face mask when cleaning up and emptying cases
  • Avoid reloading in carpeted areas, as carpet collects lead particles and results in potentially damaging static electricity

Use a Manual, Keep Records

Reloading manuals provide specific instructions for caliber recipes. It is essential to follow instructions to the letter. Keep the manual open to the cartridge type and size you are reloading for easy reference throughout the process.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. A wide range of safety and procedural videos, and additional instructional information is available at, as well as the best prices for quality reloading supplies and equipment.

For further information and/or shop our online store, please visit or contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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Tips for Beginner Reloaders

Reloading supplies

More than few times, we’ve heard the same reasons for not getting into ammo reloading are the startup cost and not enough space in your home. With the right reloading supplies, it doesn’t have to be either of those. Reloading is a great relaxing hobby that doesn’t need to be expensive nor take up muchroom.

Ask for Help

Reloading your own ammo doesn’t need to be complicated. Many beginners start with reloading supplies and equipment that consist of no more than a single stage press, a basic set of dies, a powder measure, and a beam scale.

For experts, it’s their gusto for the hobby that overexcites… and that’s not a bad thing. Regardless of your skill level, don’t hesitate asking for help or a second opinion. Here at Titan Reloading, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about reloading supplies and/or the use of our equipment.

Start Small and Simple

You probably don’t want to dedicate a large space in your home when getting started. Fortunately, there are great space-saving solutions such as using a bench in your garage or basement.

However, maybe you don’t have enough space in your garage or basement. In that case, your reloading supplies and equipment solution can be a folding workbench you pull out to use almost anywhere.

A portable reloading bench isn’t only for the beginner. These also come in handy for more advanced reloading hobbyists who occasionally need more space next to their dedicated bench. This means when a beginner becomes an intermediate or expert, the workbench is still utilized.

Another great use is taking it along to do some testing with your reloading supplies. You can reload on the spot at your favorite firing range. You’re able to test and fine-tune countless combinations of reloading components in a single trip.

When You’re Ready to Grow Your Reloading Hobby

Your hobby will grow. You’ll become one of the enthusiasts with a dedicated reloading bench. You’ll be the expert talking to new friends about getting started. Your dedicated bench will need more space. And we have the solution.

The Lee Bench Plate is the perfect accessory for the reloader looking to quickly change between presses on their bench. You’ll get more use from your existing workspace.In fact, experts who progress to training beginners find this to be very useful for frequently changing out different presses.

Here’s another money saving tip. Not only will you save money reusing your own brass, you can also pick up free brass found at the range.

To learn more or peruse and shop our online store please visit or contact Titan Reloading the Master Distributor of Lee Precision reloading equipment & supplies at 262.397.8819 for further information.

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Don’t Forget to Visit Our Showroom

Titanreloading Showroom

Even before we opened the doors to our showroom, we were already Master Distributors of the entire line of Lee Precision reloading equipment. Nowadays we also distribute shotshell reloaders for Mayville Engineering Company, Inc., which include the wildly popular MEC presses and dies. And we also carry reloading equipment from the highly reputed, Redding Reloading. Not to forget that we have a huge variety of Mighty Armory dies in stock and that we also distribute all Dillon Precision products.

And last but not least, we have our very own Titan products, which include a myriad of harnesses, primers, wrenches, and even our very colorful logo t-shirts, hats and press covers.
You can view and/or order any of these high quality supplies in our shop from Monday to Saturday during working hours.

Seeing is Believing and Trusting

Before opening our current showroom, we thought that our detailed online catalog was enough. After all it featured all the necessary product details of all our business offerings. What we didn’t realize then was that some of our customers prefer to interact with the products on a physical level. Most customers also value the intimate business relations that come with across-the-counter transactions. The face-to-face shopping environment enables clients to ask us all kinds of questions, to explore and browse our large inventory in-person, and to ultimately forge stronger and more sincere business ties with us.

A Family of Customers

Our showroom at 994 W. Sumner St. upholds all the principles and values that have made our online business a huge success. All our business endeavors are fully committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction through unwavering respect and business integrity. Feel free to visit our showroom for any product/business queries and/or needs or even to attend our free monthly reloading workshop. Your physical presence will help establish and enhance family like ties in our fast-growing Titan community.

For further information about our reloading supplies or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us directly at 262-397-8819.

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An Investment in Reloading Supplies Will Yield Dividends

Reloading Supplies

Most things that you purchase immediately decrease in value as soon as you walk out of the showroom or store. However, in some limited cases, you can put out some money now, and in the long run, the investment will actually save you money. This is certainly true when it comes to the reloading supplies that we offer to our customers at Titan Reloading. If you obtain the necessary equipment and reload your own ammunition, you will be happy that you did when you start to realize the savings.

Believe it or not, if you work with us to obtain the reloading supplies that you need, you will save as much as 80 percent over the cost of the ammunition you have been obtaining from factories. This is an enormous difference, and the money that will remain in your pocket will be significant if you do a lot of shooting. Of course, aside from the economics, there is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes along with reloading your own ammunition.

The companies that we source our reloading supplies from are very worthy of your support. We have always carried an extensive line of Lee Precision Reloading Equipment. This is a family owned and operating business that has been setting the standard within this industry for over 45 years. The products that they offer are made right here in the United States of America, and this company really stands behind its work. Every product that they produce comes with a conditional lifetime guarantee, and they are unconditionally guaranteed for the first two years.

In addition to the Lee Precision Reloading Equipment products that we have in our inventory, we also have relationships with Redding Reloading Equipment and Dillon Precision Products, so we work with all of the leading names in the industry. We invite you to browse our inventory of reloading supplies right now , and if you have any questions, please give us a call at 262-397-8819.

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Cartridge Cleaning Methods Explained

Dry Tumbler

The very first step in the reloading process is cleaning your scavenged cartridges. There are several ways to prepare them for reloading, so choose your favorite and add it to your reloading supplies.

Dry Tumbling

Dry tumblers utilize a cleaning media to effectively scour your cartridges clean. This media is typically crushed walnut shells or bits of corn cob. Your cartridges are “tumbled” with this media for several hours and end up free of debris and come out shiny as well. Because it doesn’t use water, you won’t need to wait for cartridges to dry out after they’ve been tumbled. However, the media that does the cleaning will need to be replaced frequently, as it will be collecting all the dirt and debris. You’ll have to clear your brass of any media bits before you reload.

It’s also important to sort your cartridges and only run like calibers together, as they can get stuck inside one another if sizes vary. A shell sorter tray can be a handy addition to your reloading supplies for this very reason.
Wet Tumbler

Wet Tumbling

Similar to a rock tumbler, this method uses a drum filled with stainless steel pins, cleaning solution, and water to get your cartridges remarkably clean. It’s great for large amounts of brass and can get flash holes and primer pockets clean as well, if you take the time to deprime before washing. The water and solution is replaced for each cycle, but the pins won’t ever need replacing. As water is involved, the brass will need to dry completely after washing. This method also requires you to remove the pins from the cartridges, which you can accomplish by using a magnet or media separator.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner

This method is slightly different than other cleaners in this list of reloading supplies—it involves sound waves which vibrate through the cleaning mixture of detergent and water to separate the dirt and debris from your cartridges. This process is great for those who want to get a large amount of brass cleaned quickly, as it takes only a few minutes to run a cycle. The water will need to be replaced, but there will be no media to shake out of the cases. Your brass will need to be completely dry before being used for reloading.

Adding a cleaner to your reloading supplies can give you squeaky clean, like-new brass. Whichever method you choose to get your cartridges clean is up to you; the important thing is that you wash them well and let them dry appropriately before reloading. For further information or inquiries please contact Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 or visit