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With the costs of ammo shooting up in the recent past, many people have begun to consider reloading, or opting for loaded ammunition. While reloading or handloading supplies are widely available at gun shows, gun shops or online, good research is essential before making a purchase. After all, a misfired weapon can cause serious injuries, or worse! What Reloading Supplies You Need? Reloading involves getting rid of the spent primer from the … [Read more...]

Lee Reloading Products

Since the launch of Titan Reloading, we have become the master suppliers of the Lee Reloading supplies. We provide every service and product part that is contained in Lee Reloading catalog at the most competitive prices. The success of Titan Reloading is attributed to two principles; service and support. Indeed, Lee Precision has had a remarkable reputation in the industry for decades. All our seasoned reloading clients enjoy sharing their … [Read more...]

Buy Reloading Supplies Online

Many individuals today are turning to reloading as a captivating hobby that provides the highest degree of self-sufficiency. Are you a shooter? Are you interested in the production of your ammunition? If yes, Titan Reloading is a respected and well-known provider of the highest quality reloading supplies that will serve as your final destination on your way to mastering reloading. Indeed, Titan Reloading is the leading supplier of Lee Precision … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Do Your Own Reloading

Now that reloading supplies are available online, everything you might need is a few clicks away. Still, you might have friends and hunting partners who are not sold on the advantages of this practice. Whether you are weighing both sides or want to convince a buddy reloading is the way to go, here are five reasons to start. Accuracy of your ammo. Ammunition from the factory commonly has problems in consistency. When you master the art of … [Read more...]

The Most Economical Way to get Everything You Need to Start Reloading Right Away

Reloading your own ammo is a great way to create new custom load sizes, and also to save anywhere from 60 to 80% off the cost of factory ammunition. With Lee’s reloading kits, you’ll be able to start reloading your ammo right away, with the minimum amount of hassle. Even if you’ve never reloaded ammo before, Lee’s kits will make it easy to get started. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular reloading kits that we stock at Titan Reloading, … [Read more...]

Is Reloading Expensive?

A common inquiry that we sometimes get from new reloaders is whether reloading is expensive or not. Fortunately, the simple answer is that reloading doesn't need to be overly costly. In the right circumstances, it can even save you money! Upfront investment Yes it does cost a fair amount to get your reloading setup in place. However, once you are established, you will find that reloading is not particularly expensive. Properly looking after … [Read more...]

Why You Should Start Reloading with Titan

More and more people are turning to reloading as a fascinating hobby that offers a high degree of self-sufficiency. Are you a shooter who is interested in producing your own ammunition? Titan Reloading is a well-known and respected provider of reloading supplies that can serve as your first stop on the way to mastering reloading. In this article, we share some of the many reasons why you should consider using Titan Reloading when you are getting … [Read more...]

What to Buy Once You are Established

So after some time in the reloading game, you have got the basics down. You have already bought a simple press and some other fundamental reloading supplies, but what do you get next? In this article, we consider some of the items that you may want to add to your setup as an intermediate reloader. Turret press A Turret press is a great step up from a single stage model. It serves as a middle ground of sorts, as it's still much easier to handle … [Read more...]

Why We Work with Lee Precision

As most of you will know by now, Titan Reloading is a master distributor of Lee Precision reloading supplies. You may be wondering why we work so closely with this famous supplier. The short answer is because they are the best in the business. In this article, we give you a brief overview of Lee Precision products and how they stand out about over others. Highest Quality in the Market At Titan, we know the reloading market inside out and Lee … [Read more...]

What are Reloading Dies Used For?

If you are just getting started with the reloading game, there are certainly a lot of things to learn. You may have heard reloading dies being discussed by gun owners and wondered what their exact purpose is? Reloading dies are among the most vital reloading supplies that you will ever purchase. Dies are fixed onto the reloading press and are used for the production of each and every cartridge that you reload. Their purpose is to decap, … [Read more...]