Safety Tips for Reloading Ammunition

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Reloading ammunition is fairly easy and requires no special skills or advanced knowledge. Using top quality materials from Titan Reloading will help the process go smoothly and enable you to save money over time by reloading your own ammo.

The following are safety tips designed to help you stay safe and continue reloading ammunition for years to come.

Safety Glasses

Regular prescription glasses will not completely protect your eyes from an accidental primer explosion or other debris. Proper safety glasses have side shields and an apron. They come in prescription and non-prescription styles, as well as models that fit over standard glasses. Safety glasses are necessary for anyone in the room during the process of loading primers in casings.

Keep Reloading Space Clean

Start the reloading process with a clean counter and bench area. Organize components and gears, and keep only the materials needed in each step on the bench. It is crucial to property label containers to avoid accidentally mixing the wrong materials.

Take Your Time, Avoid Distractions

Reloading your own ammunition is a time-consuming task that needs your complete and undivided attention. Rushing the process will lead to costly and dangerous results. Work on your reloading only when you have enough time to do it properly at your pace. Turn off the television, put away your phone, and get down to business in peace and quiet. Never attempt to reload ammunition when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Keep Primers, Powder Away from Heat Source

Powder and primer are to be kept clear of heat sources and electrical power, and there is no smoking allowed in the area. Extra care needs to be taken when handling the canister tubes, which could explode if dropped.

Reloading Scale

There are scales on the market for all kinds of uses and applications. Reloading scales are specifically designed for weighing and reading of materials in the reloading process. Kitchen or postage scales are not calibrated to measure the kinds of materials with the precision necessary for reloading ammo.

Before weighing powder, make sure the reloading scale is free of dust and other debris that will alter the accuracy of the weigh.

Avoiding Lead Exposure

Excessive exposure to lead is hazardous to your health. Steps need to be taken to avoid unnecessary exposure to the metallic lead elements used in reloading ammunition.

  • Wash hands after handling ammunition materials
  • Avoid eating or drinking
  • Do not touch your face
  • Ensure proper ventilation and avoid inhaling reloading room dust
  • Use a face mask when cleaning up and emptying cases
  • Avoid reloading in carpeted areas, as carpet collects lead particles and results in potentially damaging static electricity

Use a Manual, Keep Records

Reloading manuals provide specific instructions for caliber recipes. It is essential to follow instructions to the letter. Keep the manual open to the cartridge type and size you are reloading for easy reference throughout the process.

Titan Reloading is dedicated to helping novice and veteran shooting enthusiasts safely and properly reload their own ammunition every time. A wide range of safety and procedural videos, and additional instructional information is available at, as well as the best prices for quality reloading supplies and equipment.

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