Lee Swage Tool Removes Crimps from Primer Pocket

Lee swage tool kit

The Lee swage tool kit available from the ammunition reloading professionals at Titan Reloading is used to remove the military crimp from the primer pocket while swaging the primer pocket the brass in an automatic processing press. The swage tool is designed and manufactured to leave a smooth entry radius for new primer.

All parts and components are made from high quality materials and designed specifically for use in the Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP). The APP quickly and easily prepares cases and size cast bullets, as well as an efficient and convenient single station reloading press.

Lee’s Swage Tool Kit for Automatic Process Press

The APP is a valuable piece of machinery for shooting pros and enthusiasts who enjoy the savings and self-satisfaction of making their own ammunition. The ability to easily primer pocket swage is just one of the many highlights and features of this versatile press. Being able to mount die to both the top and the bottom of the press is a revolutionary design that opens up its uses to additional applications such as:

  • Bulge bust
  • Deprime
  • Primer pocket swage
  • Size cast bullets

Lee Swage Tool Offers Convenience, Versatility

Now you can swage primer pockets just as fast as you can operate the press lever. The swage tool allows you to quickly remove crimps on the case primer pockets without having to cut them, saving time on cleaning up leftover trimmings and other debris.

The Lee APP Primer Pocket Swage Kit includes:

  • 22 & 30 caliper decap and flare die
  • Swage push die
  • Swage holder
  • 22 cal. and 30 caliper push rod
  • Small swage punch and large punch
  • Shell holder adapter

The process of primer pocket swaging is a quick and effective method for all range brass. Lee’s swage took kit is ideal for priming issues and is widely used for surplus military and law enforcement brass as an affordable source for large volumes of cases.

Cases that most frequently see primer pocket crimps include:

  • 45 ACP
  • 223 (5.56mm)
  • 30-06
  • 308 (7.62×51)
  • 9mm Luger
  • Special law enforcement 40 S&W

A hardened steel swage punch is extracted automatically from the primer pocket by five powerful 400-pound force disc springs. Breech lock die body quickly installs with no additional adjustment required.  An X-PRESS shell holder that is sold separately will help to speed cases through the swaging process.

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