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Reloading for Beginners

Reloading supplies

Ammunition reloading is used by beginners and veteran shooting enthusiasts alike to save money and take up an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby. The process is safe and efficient with the proper reloading supplies.

Reloading Manual

The reloading manual is the most essential item you will need for the reloading process. Used as a valuable reference source each time you develop a load, the manual also contains reloading information, as well as helpful tips to make the process smoother and more efficient.

A reloading press is an essential component of the reloading process that is used to:

  • Press brass casings against a decapping pin that forces out old primer
  • Forces casings into resizing die to return the brass to its original shape and size
  • Insert a new primer into an empty primer pocket
  • Opens the mouth of the casing to insert a new bullet
  • Press the new bullet into the casing
  • Crimp bullet casings

Reloading presses are available in three main types depending on the kind of reloading application you need.

Single Stage Press

Ideal for beginners and those with limited experience, a single-stage press is the most cost effective and easiest way to begin reloading your own ammunition. More costly and complicated presses can produce higher volumes quicker and easier, however working with the single stage press will teach you the basics of the process, from which allow you to build on your skills accordingly.

Turret Press

A turret press can hold multiple dies at one time allowing you to quickly index from one die to another, with some models offering an automated index function. Turret presses are often used as starter presses for rifle and pistol reloaders. They are also used as a precision rig by experienced loaders.

Progressive Press

A progressive press is used by experienced, active shooting enthusiasts who regularly go through a high volume of ammunition. Single stage reloaders do not suffice when processing hundreds of cartridges. These more complicated machines need more time, effort, and maintenance to set up and use safely and smoothly. Progressive presses feature multiple die stations designed to hold all dies needed for your reloading application, as well as powder measures and specialty dies. Progressive presses are the most expensive type of press created tocrank out large batches of ammunition.

Reloading Dies

Reloading dies screw into reloading presses as the press pushes the case into a die. A set of dies and shell holders is needed for each caliber you need to reload. The three main types of reloading dies include:

  • Sizing, decapping die
  • Expanding die
  • Seating and crimping die

Reloading Starter Kits

Shooter enthusiasts just getting started in the process of reloading ammunition often begin with a reloading starter kit that includes a complete set of components at a discount over purchasing each piece separately.  Even as you advance onto more advanced machinery and processes, you will still be able to make use of the single stage press and other reloading supplies that come in reloading starter kits.

More Reloading Supplies

Additional reloading supplies and accessories needed to reload your own ammunition include:

  • Powder Dispenser
  • Powder Scale
  • Calipers
  • Workbench
  • Case Cleaner

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