Keep It Simple With Basic Equipment and Reloading Supplies During These Trying Times

Reloading Supplies

Having reloading supplies on hand assures that you can enjoy your favorite indoor hobby whenever you want. Sitting down at your workbench for some solitude and being productive is very rewarding whether it’s because of the weather, COVID-19, recharging your batteries, or some other reason.

Doing your own ammo reloading does a lot for your peace of mind in these trying times. Once you have the basic equipment and as your finances allow, you can stock up on reloading supplies like powder, primers, bullets, and brass. From stormy days to COVID concerns, you’ll be prepared with a productive and useful indoor hobby.

The DIY in you will also appreciate the mechanical aspects of the hobby. Not only does it involve presses, gauges, close measurements, and other tools, once you get started, you’ll soon be fine-tuning your loads to improve your results over those store bought rounds that are more expensive and harder to find. You do have to make an initial investment in the basics but it’s almost certainly more cost effective than you think.

Safety First

The following safety tips go a long way to help you achieve success; especially if it is your first time reloading. Of primary importance is proper handling and storage of reloading supplies (especially primers and powder). The other important aspect is always following the instructions from a trustworthy handbook and by the manufacturers of the equipment as well as the reloading components. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand everything. These safety tips are not all-inclusive but are the place to begin.

  • Before sitting down at your workbench, give it a visual inspection for potential hazards. A tidy workspace is a safe workspace.
  • Commit your undivided attention to the task at hand. Having a well-thought-out routine that you follow avoids mistakes. Reloading is a leisurely hobby – slowing down avoids mistakes. No alcohol or drugs.
  • Limit the powder at hand to what is needed right now. No smoking around powder and keep your extra supply stored safely away from your immediate work area.
  • Don’t store primers in bulk! Bulk primers are very likely to mass detonate with the explosive power of a hand grenade.
  • Don’t take an unnecessary risk by reloading without safety glasses.
  • When loading powder, check your caliber and measure twice. Make it a habit to visually check the powder level to be sure that you have not doubledthe powder charge.
  • Measure your seated rounds with a caliper, if you can’t chamber it, don’t shoot it.
  • Store your reloads in a cool, dry place.
  • Cleanup your workbench when finished (especially powder and primers). Your ammo reloading bench is not the place for old car parts nor a temporary place for other items.

Be safe and enjoy! Having ample reloading material on hand will have you ready to head outdoors whenever the time and desire to go shooting is right. You’ll also walk away from your workbench with the satisfaction of a job well done.

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