Long-Range Reloading Techniques and Supplies

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If you’re ready to start long-range reloading, you should already have the basic equipment and reloading supplies ready to go.

Precision long-range cartridges are best loaded one at a time. The Redding Big Boss 2 is a top of the line single station press that has the largest window opening and longest usable ram stroke of any in its class.

One thing that we are certain is that you have brass that has already been fired and is ready to prep and reload. Before going hands-on, it’s a good idea to read the directions and helpful guidelines, as noted below, a few times to be sure you are confident in your reloading.

Step 1: Start by cleaning your already fired brass in a tumbler using a media like Lyman Corncob Media Medium. Include some brass cleaner to improve the cleaning and extend the life of the media, as well as your reloading supplies.

Step 2: When you take the cases out of the tumbler, be sure to remove all of the media from each case. This includes cleaning the inside of the case neck with a case brush to get out any remaining powder and media residue.

Step 3: De-prime your brass using a de-capping die or universal de-capping tool. Before you insert the case into the die, be sure to sufficiently lubricate it.

If you have a match die set that includes both de-capping and full-length sizing as a single operation, steps 3 and 5 will be combined.

Step 4: Taking note of the SAAMI specifications (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute), use a primer pocket uniformer to cut the primer pocket to the correct depth. Don’t skip this step because it’s critical for the proper seating of the primer. Also, use a flash hole deburring tool to clear and clean the flash hole from inside the case. Check the flash hole in the primer pocket to make sure that it is completely clear.

Step 5: Resize the full length of the case using match dies. This is a piece of equipment that you may need to spend a few extra dollars on for long-range reloading. The Redding Type S Match FL Die Set with titanium nitride coated bushing is critical if you want maximum accuracy in your reloads. (As a reminder, be sure your cases are properly lubricated before using the full-length die to avoid sticking.)

Step 6: Use your micrometer to measure the case neck. For many cases, you’ll need to turn it down to original tolerances using a neck turning tool.

Step 7: On to the case length. You’ll need a set of calipers and a case trimmer. You shouldn’t have any problem getting the case length back to specification at increments of 0.001”.

Step 8: You need to deburr the mouth of the case and a chamfer is recommended to ease the fitting of very-long-drag (VLD) and boat-tail bullets.

Step 9: You’re now ready to prime your prepared case. Use a hand priming tool and be careful not to compress the primer. But do make sure that it is seated level in the bottom of the pocket.

Step 10: You’re close to a precision long-range load. Now, select your powder, pick your load, and charge the cases.

Step 11: Using the correct bullet for your caliber, seat it to the desired depth. Recommended is a match grade seating die, like the Redding Competition Seating Die. Follow your manual for details about bullet seating.

These are the steps to precision reloading for long-range shooting. As you become an expert, you may find that you prefer slightly altering the sequence of the steps. But this is the most common sequence.

The equipment and reloading supplies that you select are critical to your load development. However, there is nothing like spending time on the range experimenting with different powder loads and bullets to perfect the best cartridge for your specific rifle. Two experimenting methods that you might want to check out are the Incremental Load Development Method (aka “Ladder Test”) and Load Development System (Optimal Charge Weight). Altogether, this creates the recipe that will have your buddies asking for your secrets.

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