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Active Hulls In Load All II

Active Hulls In Load All II

Active has produced some plastic compression hulls in which the plastic inside the case surrounding the primer flash hole is formed up and into the case a short distance. It was most likely done to enhance the ability of the primer to ignite more intensely in the center of the powder charge.

This condition has caused a problem with the priming station of the Load All II in that the plastic extrusion is pressed into the hole of the primer tube on the press carrier during the priming process. The result is a case that is very difficult to remove from the primer tube.

The solution for this problem is to chamfer the hole of the primer tube on the press. The new rebated area prevents the tube from lodging onto the plastic extrusion in the case. Continue to increase the chamfer size in the hole of the tube until such time as priming can occur without sticking. Try not to "overdo" it.

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