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Adjustable Charge Bar

Adjustable Charge Bar

The adjustable charge bar is used to achieve the exact charge prescribed in the manual when a disk cannot provide it. It allows the charge to be adjusted to all of those charges in between the existing 24 options available in the 4 standard disks.

It replaces the disk in the powder measure. It is calibrated in cubic centimeters, from .28cc to 1.6cc, and is adjustable to anything in between. Reference our charging table to determine how many CCs per the grain weight charge you are loading.

The adjustable charge bar is required only if you want to exactly match a charge as it comes out of the manual. Both the disk and the charge bar provide consistent charges, which we feel is the most important factor. If the charge is .3 grains light of the listed charge, it may be 100 FPS slower. How important is that. You get to decide. That is why we offer the adjustable charge bar. 

They cannot be stacked to achieve a larger capacity.

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