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Auto Disc Is Sticking

Auto Disc Is Sticking

A likely possibility, and one that is easy to check is the screw that holds the return lever to the body. It's possible that this screw is too tight, try loosening it and determine if that was the cause before proceeding to other possibilities.

If the suggestion above does not work, try loosening the hopper screws slightly to provide more clearance between the disk and the hopper. Another possible solution is to file the top of the body where it meets the hopper to reduce the clearance between the hopper and disk.

We suggest leaving the disk in the body and filing the top of the body until the file contacts the disk. You are then assured that the body uprights are exactly the same height as the disk Make sure that you have the new style "F" shaped lever. It adds a greater amount of spring tension to the lever.

If you have the old style "L" shaped lever, please return it and we will replaced it at no charge. You may be interested in the Positive Pull Back Lever and Chain, part #90479. This will help prevent squib loads, as it gives the operator tactile indication if the disk sticks, because the lever will be slightly harder to raise.

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