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Auto Disk and Rifle Charging

Auto Disk and Rifle Charging

The Auto Disk and Pro Auto Disk powder measures are primarily designed to charge handgun cases. This is due to the capacity that these measures drop. Even the largest cavity is not enough to charge rifle cases larger than .223 sized. With the double disk kit, you should be able to charge .308 sized cases.

We do offer the Rifle Charging Die which allows the measures to be used for charging rifle cases and it works in the same manner as the Powder Through Expander dies from our handgun die sets. The primary difference is that this die does not expand the case mouth.

To properly charge rifle cases, we highly recommend the use of our Universal Charging Die which adapts to the Perfect Powder Measure as opposed to the Auto Disk measures. This measure has the capacity to charge very large rifle cases in a single throw. One should remember however, that it is necessary to wait briefly when the case engages the measure so that larger amounts of powder have ample time to drop into the case. This option is only viable if you are using a fully progressive press.

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