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Auto Disk Consistency

Auto Disk Consistency

Make sure that when measuring charges thrown by the Auto Disk measure, that it is done out of the normal loading sequence. It is important that the measure work consistently in the amount of force used to move the disk to the drop hole and return. This is accomplished through consistent press lever operation every time.

It is also very important to ensure that the Auto Disk measure is seated securely into the Powder Through Expanding Die which must also be properly adjusted. This information can be found on this FAQ under "Dies and Die Questions" and then "Powder Through Expander Adjustment". If you are using a chain return system, it must be adjusted properly. This ensures that the disk moves the same amount each and every time the lever is operated. Proper adjustment of the bead chain can be found on this FAQ under "Powder Handling" and "Auto Disk Chain Attachment".

You may want to "condition" the measure by either using powdered graphite on the disks or running the equivalent of a pound of powder through the measure. If you find that inconsistencies still exist, you may want to wash the disks in warm soapy water, rinse and let air dry. This should help eliminate any static that may have been present.

Lastly some powders do not meter well, Unique powder is one example that meters with "casual uniformity". You may find the same symptom with small flake powder in small quantities.

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