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Auto Disk Return Systems

Auto Disk Return Systems

The Auto Disk Pro Auto Disc powder measures are meant to work with any Powder Through Expanding die that Lee Produces. The system has two ways in which the measure is reset after dropping a powder charge. It depends upon what type of press you purchased as to what return system came in your kit.

If you received your measure as part of a progressive loading kit, you would have received a bead chain that fastens between the lever on the measure and a hole on the carrier. The chain system is preferred when loading progressively as the chance of a double charge is nearly eliminated. As the case actuates the measure to drop the powder charge, it is not reset until the carrier returns to the bottom of the press. As this is done, the case has already moved to the next station.

If you received your measure as part of a Turret Press kit, you would have received a different style "F" lever that contains a return spring. This spring fastens to the front of the body of the measure and the notch on the back side of the return lever. Since the design of the Turret Press moves the turret instead of a shell plate, the bead chain return system would not work. The return spring resets the measure just as soon as the freshly charged case comes out of the powder through expander die.

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