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Carrier Installation

Load Master Carrier Installation

Help video for installing a new carrier: https://vimeo.com/227325127/f3143004b5

Follow these steps:
1. You will need a 7/16″ socket wrench or impact driver, torque wrench, and STP Oil Treatment.
2. Remove the shell plate nut and case ejector.
3. Loosen the draw bolt until the carrier detaches from the ram and draw bolt. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE DRAW BOLT FROM THE RAM.
4. Place the new carrier on the ram with the draw bolt inserted into the center.
5. Tighten the draw bolt just until the carrier can freely rotate on the ram.
6. Lower the lever, install the index rod with bevel edge facing you underneath the shell plate.
7. Raise the carrier to the mid-stroke position. Hold shell plate carrier and tighten draw bolt to 11.6 ft/lbs.
8. Using STP Oil Treatment, oil the frame’s pull out rib and underside of the carrier arm.

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