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Installing A Disk In The Powder Measure

Installing A Disk In The Powder Measure

When installing a disk in the Powder Measure, remove the Powder Hopper. The Disk is now set on top of the Powder Measure Body. There is a small rectangular hole next to each powder capacity hole. The end of the Actuating Lever, it sticks through the base of the body, has to be positioned in the rectangular hole next to the opening of choice. The Hopper is now positioned on top of the Disk so that the straight edge of the Hopper Base is over the Drop Tube leading to the die.

Screw the Powder Measure into the top of the Rifle Charging Die or the Powder Through Expanding Die.

Now, screw the die down to a point where the case being raised up into the die actuates the disk, moving the hole in the disk completely over the drop tube.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of this procedure

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