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June 2013

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                                   JUNE 2013 NEWSLETTER

Our hearts and prayers are with the people affected by the recent outbreak of tornadoes. We had watches here last night and as our wall clouds passed through I thought of all the people who’s worst fears came true. I am always amazed and so very proud of the indomitable spirit displayed in times like this. The sounds of chainsaws and front end loaders were heard the very next morning as people started to dig out of the mess left behind. The residents of these communities and also the many volunteers from across the country will rebuild and move on from this disaster, one day at a time.

Robin and I have added a new ‘Notify’ system to our website. When items are out of stock you can now enter your email address and be notified when the items are back in stock. Please keep in mind that this does not reserve these items for you, only back ordering with us will reserve items.

The once fired brass is starting to come in again and we will have a good supply this year. Besides our good friend Bill Applegate, who has provided all of our brass thus far, we now have two new sources that will help us maintain a steady supply. Watch the website for some new caliber offerings as our new sources can provide cases for calibers that the police departments do not shoot. We will cover as many calibers as possible but all the details are not known as yet.

We are truly enjoying all the friends we have made through Titan Reloading and look forward to many more. Feel free to contact us. When possible, please email us rather than call. Due to our limited phone system and staff we are able to respond to your questions quicker via email. Please include your full name or order ID number with any order inquiries. Service and Support is our top priority. As always, you will find many answers to questions in the “FAQ” and “Help Videos” areas of our website www.titanreloading.com

Dennis / Titan Reloading


MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest

There is nothing better than a cool sunny day, a box of ammo and your new or favorite rifle to sight in. We all know that every box of ammo should be checked for point of impact and re-sighted in. The K-Zone Shooting Rest is the tool you need for better accuracy. Designed for precision sighting in of rifles, pistols and for testing ammo and reloads. Rock solid performance from a lightweight fully adjustable rest.

• Non-marring molded rubber pads front, middle and rear
• Quick and easy to adjust bench rest style handwheel elevation system
• Lightweight – just 4 pounds and has compartments to add weight if you choose
• Ideal for hunting rifles, AR-15’s, lever action rifles, slug guns, handguns, etc.
• Can used as a front rifle rest or handgun rest by removing the rear pad section
• Overall length of rest can be adjusted up to 7.5″ to fit your gun perfectly
• Handgun rest pad storage box has 4 positions and can be easily removed
• Four smooth rubber feet provide a wide slip-free stance on any shooting bench
• Made in USA


Which Lee Reloading Press should I get?

This is by far the most commonly asked question with regard to the Lee Precision line of reloading presses. The answer is dependent on the type of reloading you intend to do, be it rifle cartridges, pistol cartridges or both and the amount of ammo you need to reload.

There are three basic styles of press. These are the Single Station Press, the Turret Press and the Progressive Press in their order of efficiency.

With a single station press you perform the reloading steps in batches as shown in our “Reloading Made Easy” article. It is a slower method but produces the same quality reloads as any other method. With this press you can reload 40-60 rounds an hour.

The next in the line of efficiency is the Turret Press where 3 or 4 dies (depending on the model) rotate above a single shell case in the ram of the press, hence, you must pull the press lever 3-4 times to get one complete round. The Value Turret Press is ideal for handgun loading and with experienced hands, you can load over 200 rounds per hour. For those who wish to use the press as a single station press or to reload rifle calibers with an overall length of more than 2.312″ long, the auto index feature can be disabled in seconds and then re-enabled in the same amount of time. The Classic Cast Turret Press is a larger version and allows you to reload rifle calibers of up to 3.060″ long before you must disengage the auto index feature.
The most efficient press to reload ammo is the Progressive style. Here you have 3 or 5 dies (depending on the model) stationary above 3 or 5 shell cases that rotate around under the dies. Every time you pull the press lever there are 3-5 operations happening at once, hence, you get one finished round with every one pull of the lever. Lee offers two fine progressive presses, the Pro 1000 and the Load Master. With a progressive type press you will reload 400+ rounds an hour.

The Pro 1000 is a 3 station progressive press primarily designed for pistol cartridges but also can load smaller rifle calibers like the .223 and .30 M-1. The overhead clearance is limited to 2.312″ overall cartridge length because anything longer will still be in the die when the carrier begins to rotate.

The Load Master is a 5 station progressive press that is designed to handle rifle and pistol cartridges with equal ease. It is stronger and has more overhead clearance to accommodate the larger rifle calibers.

Both progressive presses include auto indexing, automatic primer feed and case feed, and can be fitted with an automatic bullet feeder. Both can be purchased completely set up with everything you need to load your desired caliber. Those who want to load rifle or use the Lee Carbide Factory Crimp dies for handgun loading choose the Load Master.

Caliber changes for the Turret Press and the two Progressive Presses can be done in less than five minutes and there are extra turrets available so you don’t have to readjust your dies once they are set, simply change the turret.

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