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Lee Shooter Explained

Lee Shooter Explained

Shooter is now available on CD. It contains many features such as two extensive databases which track your loads and the results. Also, firearm collections can be tracked along with it's value.

There are many external ballistic calculators such as:

1. Flight path generator with remaining velocity and energy.
2. Richard Lee's "Reduced Load" calculator.
3. Perfect Powder Measure
4. Sectional Density
5. Minimum Twist
6. Muzzle energy
7. Ballistic Coefficients through reduction in velocity
8. Recoil for both metallic and shot shells
9. Cost to reload for rifle, handgun and shot shells.

Additionally, there is a library of ballistic coefficients for nearly 500 of the most current bullets on the market.

Five powder companies have allowed the use of their manuals for on-screen viewing within the program. There is also a target generator allowing you to choose from six common targets. Many charge as much for the target generator as we do for the entire program. Shooter requires Windows 95 or later, a CD Rom and 38 meg of available hard drive space.

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