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Load Master Primer Seating Adjustment

Load Master Primer Seating Adjustment

The best way to adjust the primer seating depth is as follows; First make sure that the press is stopping on the stop built into the handle, not on one of the dies. You should adjust the sizing die so that it touches the shell plate when the ram is at the top of its stroke. Maintain a slight downward pressure on the lever while turning the sizing die into the turret, to prevent the die from lowering the carrier as you screw it in.

Next, place a fired case with the spent primer still in it in the primer seating station. Loosen the locknut on the primer seating depth adjuster, and turn the adjuster up until you run out of threads. Now raise the ram to the top of its stroke with the fired case in station #2. Holding the ram up with one hand, turn the primer seating depth adjuster down until you feel resistance. This will be when the primer seating pin contacts the spent primer in the case previously inserted into station #2. Lower the ram, and turn the primer seating depth adjuster down 1/6 – 1/3 more (one to two flats on the bolt head), and lock in position with the lock nut.

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