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Load Master Smooth Operation Tips

Load Master Smooth Operation Tips

The following points are meant to help the user get the performance and reliability from the Load Master that it was designed for. Most always, Load Master problems are because of one of the following issues.

1. Ensure that no die is turned in further than to just touch the shell plate (exception being the sizing die which can be 1/4 turn more) This helps alleviate seating depth variations when a case is not being sized.

2. Ensure that you are using full strokes of the press handle.

3. Ensure that your primer seating depth bolt is adjusted correctly. A description on how to do this is in this FAQ under "Priming Questions" and then "Load Master Primer Seating Depth Adjustment". This is important to ensure trouble free priming.

4. While not required, many people have had good luck with placing a Universal Decapping Die in station #1 to simply deprime the case. Remove the decapping pin from the sizing die and place it in station #2. This ensures that the case is perfectly centered to the priming pin because it is being sized at the same time.

5. Ensure that your bead chain has the proper tension between the press carrier and the lever on the Auto Disk Powder Measure and that you are using the buffer spring. This procedure can be found in this FAQ under "Powder Handling" and then "Auto Disk Chain Attachment". The extra "1 bead" of tension is critical to ensure positive an consistent powder measurement with each case. If you are unable to achieve this setting purchase an "F" lever and return spring which allows you to eliminate the chain return system.

6. Keep the press lubed per instructions.

7. Do not loosen the bolt on the bottom of the press to make emptying primers easier. This bolt holds the proper tension on the shell carrier. If you do loosen it by accident, retighten to 12 lbs of force. This procedure can be found in the FAQ under "Press Questions" and then "Load Master Index Problem". The last three paragraphs deal with resetting the carrier correctly.

8. Ensure that the case retainers are adjusted correctly. This means that they do not have too much tension on them so that they restrict movement of the carrier but not so loose that a case going by can push them beyond the rim of the case. This can be done by pushing them all the way in with slight tension. The case going by the first time will push them out to the correct setting. This is especially important in the priming station.

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