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Lube and Sizing the 50 BMG

50 BMG Bullet sizing

The Lube and Sizing kits includes the sizing die, Bullet Punch, case, and Liquid Alox Bullet lubricant.

If you intend to size pulled .50 BMG bullets, you need to do the following.

Remove the .50 BMG shell holder from the top of the ram. Install the standard ram end back on the ram. Mount the die in the press, just touching the ram end. Mount the bullet punch, included in the set, on the top of the ram, where a shell holder is usually placed.

The bullets need to be lubricated before sizing. You need to use LEE Resizing Lubricant. This is required when a jacketed bullet is being sized. Push them through the die pointed end first.

If you are resizing military surplus .50 BMG for the first time, here are some tricks to make it easier:

These empty cases more than likely came out of a .50 caliber machinegun. The chambers of these weapons are typically oversize as compared to one of the commercially available .50 cal. single shot rifles that most of us are reloading for. This means when you go to resize these cases you will be reducing them more this first time you resize them, then after you fire them from your own rifle.

First and foremost, use LEE Resizing Lubricant. This is not a sales pitch, believe me. It works.

Do not try to resize the case in one stroke of the press.
1. To set the die, screw it in until you touch the shell holder. Back the die out 1 to 3 turns. Now resize a series of cases. The reason for this is the press develops all its power at the top of the stroke. By being some distance back from final form, you have performed the majority of the resizing with this first stroke.
2. Now re-set the die by screwing it in a quarter turn at a time, until you touch the shell holder. At that point, give the die an additional quarter turn. This extra quarter turn takes all the back lash out of the press linkage and assures the shell holder will touch the die base at the top of the stroke. Now again resize the same series of cases.

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