.41 MAG

Lee .41 MAG Bullet Mold

All Lee Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities.

The mold cavities are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control.

Only Lee guarantees roundness of .001″ or less.

Most bullets from Lee molds can be used as cast without sizing.

Micro Band Bullets usually require no sizing A great innovation possible only because of Lee Liquid Alox Lubricant. The bullet shank has many shallow grooves for maximum lubricant retention. They all have a bevel base just behind a solid driving band. A great way to make bullets in quantity with minimum time, effort and equipment. More accurate than ordinary cast bullets.

Gas Check Diameter Weight in Grains Point Shape
Micro Bands for
Tumble Lubing
with Lee Liquid Alox
WC = Wad Cutter

SWC = SemiWad Cutter

RF= Round with Flat

R= 1 0give Radius

TC= Truncated Cone

WARNING Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which  is known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and cancer. See instructions on Reducing Exposure supplied with product.


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    LEE DC MOLD 410-195-SWC

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    LEE DC MOLD TL410-210-SWC

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