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Perfect Powder Measure Leakage

Perfect Powder Measure Leakage

To eliminate leakage, disassemble the measure and clean thoroughly. Dust with powdered graphite or mica, and re-assemble. Work the lever back and forth to spread the powdered lubricant over the mating surfaces. Disassemble and observe the wear pattern on the cone shaped mating surface between the metering chamber and body. There should be even wear across the whole surface. If not, dust with lube and try again, with the tension screw slightly tighter (or looser, depending on the appearance). If you can't get an even wear pattern return the measure to the Lee factory for repair/replacement.

Lee's address is;

Lee Precision Inc,
4275 Hwy. U,
Hartford, WI 53027.

To get the proper tension on the screw that holds the rotor assembly to the base, place the lever in the up position and tighten the screw until you cannot move the lever up and down. With an empty powder measure, begin loosening the screw until the lever begins to move downward. Once this occurs, you have achieved the correct tension.

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