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Pro 1000 Caliber Switch

Pro 1000 Caliber Switch

To convert the Pro-1000 from a large caliber to small caliber or a small to large, you need the following:

Appropriate shell plate
Appropriate case feeder
Appropriate primer attachment
Appropriate primer punch pin
Appropriate dies
Turret (optional)

If the desire is to load 45 ACP or 40 S&W, remember to get the bent "Z" bar which goes from your case slider to the "Z" bar attachment on the top of the front column. This ensures that this bar does not interfere with the case feed mechanism. If your loader initially came set up for either of these calibers, it is not necessary to purchase a "non-Z bar" for other calibers.

If the desire is to load the 40 S&W, it is necessary to have the large case feeders but the small case slider. This is very uncommon but is necessary with this caliber.

If the desire is to load the 454 Casull, the same configuration is used as for the 45 Colt, however the priming assembly must be for small priming instead of large.

The 50 AE can be loaded however, the case feeder cannot be used as even the large size is too small. It is also necessary to lube the cases as the dies are steel.

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