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Rifle Charging Die Installation Instructions

Rifle Charging Die Installation Instructions

The Rifle Charging Die can be used on all calibers from the .22 Hornet to .308 Winchester with case lengths of 1.403″ to 2.015″ (NOTE: max overall cartridge length that the Rifle Charging Die can accept is 2.810 inches).

Instructions for use with the Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure

  1. Screw the Rifle Charging Die onto your Auto Disk Powder Measure making certain the actuator drop tube is inside.
  2. Adjust the measure with an empty case in the shell holder and the ram fully raised. Screw the unit into the press just enough to fully move the disk to the dump position.
  3. To increase the volume of your Auto Disk Powder Measure, purchase the Double Disk Kit (90195). This allows stacking 2 disks to double the capacity and provides thousands of different powder charges in .1 to .2 grain increments.
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