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Rifle Charging Dies

Charging Rifle Cases

Lee makes two charging dies that work in conjunction with two different powder measures for rifle loading.

The Rifle Charging Die works with the Auto Disk Powder measuring system. This die works much like the Powder Through Expanding die that comes in our handgun dies but does not flare the case. The Auto Disk system can be operated two different ways. If using this system on a progressive press such as the Pro1000 or LoadMaster, the beaded chain system would be used to reset the measure after a case has been charged. The chain runs from a non-turning portion of the carrier up to the measure which sits on a turret that does not turn. The rotating shell plate on either press moves new cases under the die. The Rifle Charging Die system only works with smaller capacity cases as the Auto Disk does not have the volume to load larger rifle cases.

The Universal Charging Die works with the Perfect Powder Measure. This die allows larger cases to be charged. Like the Rifle Charging Die, this die makes no provision for flaring a case mouth. It only works with the Perfect Powder measure and is meant to work with only fully progressive presses such as the Pro1000 or the LoadMaster. This is due to the fact that the measure can only be reset with a beaded chain system. For this system to work, the portion of the carrier that the chain attaches to must be stationary as well as the die assembly. Therefore, operation on a Turret Press would not be feasible because the turret turns instead of the shellplate.

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