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Rifle Loading on Turret Press

Rifle Loading on Turret Press

The Turret Press is a great press for loading rifle cartridges. If you choose to load cases that are over 2 5/16" in length, the Auto Indexing feature of the Press must be disabled. This can be done in mere seconds by simply taking the actuator rod out of it's clamp from the top of the press. It can be re-assembled in the same time.

If your desire is to load very large cases on the Turret Press, the clamp that rotates the actuator rod which is located on the back of the ram must also be removed. This too is a simple process but takes a minute or two. It can be reassembled in the same amount of time.

The Auto Index feature was primarily designed to speed the handgun loading process and allows the press in experienced hands to load 200 handgun rounds per hour. If your desire is to load larger rifle cartridges, we recommend the purchase of the four hole press over the three hole. This is because the four hole auto indexing feature can be quickly removed and re-installed with no ill effect to the timing. With three hole auto indexing, the clamp that holds the rod must be "tweaked" to achieve proper timing.

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