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Selecting Bullet Feed Kits

Selecting The Right Bullet Feed Kit

There are two bullet dimensions that must be considered in the selection of the proper Bullet Feed Kit for your reloading needs. The first is the diameter (caliber) of the bullet you intend to reload. Lee Precision provides 4 different caliber kits. They are .30 & .32, 9mm through .365, .40 through .44 and .45. The second dimension is the length of the bullets. You must measure the actual projectile from base to tip and then select the Bullet Feed Kit with the feed die opening that is closest to but larger than the length of the bullet. This is very important to the function of the feeder because if the opening is too small the bullet will not fit through it and if the opening is too large the bullets will feed right out through the bottom of the feeder. This is because the bullets are stacked in the feeder with the second bullet in the stack sitting on top of the bottom bullet ready to be feed to the case. If the feed die opening is too large the second bullet will not be held upright and it will tip the bottom bullet over. There is only one feed die range for the .30-.32 kit and the .45 kit because bullets for these calibers do not vary much in actual length. The 9mm-.365 kit has three feed die ranges which are, up to .46″, .46″ to .60″ and .60″ to .75″. The .40-.44 kit has two feed die ranges, up to .65″ and .65″ to .80″.

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