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Shooter Installation Error

Shooter Installation Error

All Windows Operating Systems use an internal software called an installation package. This is the part of Windows that is intended to work with various installation programs including the industry standard one within Shooter. Some Windows 98 versions contain the internal software that has a different version code than what Shooters installation program is looking for. When this happens, you are advised that you need to update your installation package.

The quickest way to resolve this issue is to replace your current installation program with the latest version. To do this, access the files on the CD through Windows Explorer. There is a file on the CD called Instmsia which is the install package that Shooter is looking for on your system. Click twice on this icon which will quickly update your internal installation software so that Shooter will work it. This is a quick and seamless task requiring you only to click on "OK" when completed. At this point, simply re-insert the CD or click the Setup icon on the CD.

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