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Single Station Startup

Getting Started with the Single Station Press

So, you’re just starting out and you’ve chosen a Single Station Press. The following is a list of items you will need to reload your ammo properly.

#_____-Pistol or Rifle Die Set
#_____-Case Length Gage and Shell Holder
#90997-Safety Primer Feed Large and Small or a Hand Priming Tool 90230 or 90250.
#90100-Improved Powder Measure Kit or #90058-Perfect Powder Measure
#90190-Powder Funnel
#90681-Safety Powder Scale
#90006-Resizing Lubricant 2oz Tube
#90950-Case Preparation Kit

#90277-Modern Reloading 2nd Edition
#90899-Zip Trim (for case prep)
#_____-Factory Crimp Die(recommended, it post sizes (resizes) the case to factory specs for easy chambering in the firearm.)

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