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Toggle Links Broken

Toggle Links Broken

If the toggle link or links on your Challenger press have broken, it is most likely for one of two reasons. First, an attempt was made to size a case with little or no lube causing the case to stick in the die. Pressure placed on the case after that point would be transferred directly to the linkage. Second, the handle for the press was not initially placed all the way through both holes in the toggle links.

When receiving new toggle links, ensure that run the handle of the press all of the way through both holes and that they are securely fastened with the bolt that goes through them.

A tip on effective case lubrication; using some Lee resizing lubricant, spread a small amount around the case below the shoulder so that there is a thin film. With the small amount of film that remains on your finger, "scrape" some into the inside of the case neck. Even though it's only on one side of the inside case neck, resize the case. Additional cases that have had the same procedure ensures that the decapper / expander inside the sizing die is properly lubricated. This method is far easier and faster than using the many utensils meant to completely coat the inside of the case neck.

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