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Winchester Powders In 20 Gauge

Winchester Powders In 20 Gauge

There are a few powders manufactured by Winchester that are commonly used in 20 gauges. Unfortunately, the smallest bushing offered for the loader is a "95" which is too large for some of the loads.

If it is necessary or desirable to load with these powders, you can take a larger bushing size and fill it with epoxy. Once hardened, you can drill a pilot hole through the middle of the epoxy. With the weighed amount in the dipper or spoon, keep enlarging the hole until the powder volume fits into the hole and is very close to even with the top of the bushing. This custom made bushing is now good for that particular load only and should be marked as such. It is important to remember that the hole needs to be drilled completely through the bushing from top to bottom so that the powder can drop out the bottom during the loading sequence.

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