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Zip Trim Explained

Zip Trim Explained

Essentially, this tool is a mini-lathe.  Using the shell holder that comes with the appropriate case length gauge,  a deprimed case is mounted to this unit in the same way they are mounted to the lock stud that comes with the cutter.

With three pulls of the pull-string, you can trim the case and chamfer the inside and outside of the case neck.  What some consider to be a normally tedious process is reduced to mere seconds.  Some choose to use steel wool and polish the case with an additional pull or two.

For even greater ease, you may purchase our Universal Three Jaw Chuck which takes the place of the individual shell holders.  The chuck mounts on the Zip Trim in the same way that the shell holders do, but this unit holds all cases from the 25 ACP to the 416 Rigby.  Three "jaws" come out from the unit to center the case and then tightening the chuck onto the Zip Trim secures the case to the unit.  Simply loosen the chuck about 1/2 turn to release the case.

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