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Load Master Crank Slider Tension

Load Master Crank Slider Binding

If you have an older style feed rod that doesn't have a Teflon coating, try lightly polishing the feed rod with steel wool or 320 (or finer) grit sandpaper. A light coat of STP oil treatment on both the feed rod and the bottom of the case slider rail will allow both to move more freely. Also make sure that the case feed rod is mounted into the feed bracket so that it is straight up and down when viewed from the right hand side of the press, and that the Feed crank is not tipped. Adjust the crank slider screws so that there is slightly more friction on the crank slider than on the case slider.

An easy way to ensure that you have the proper amount of tension on the crank slider is to place the carrier in the down position. Loosen the screws on the crank slider, then tighten the top one until it is as tight as possible without stripping the screw. Push the case slider towards the shell plate carrier as far as it will go. Then start to tighten the lower screw on the crank slider. With your finger and from the carrier side of the case slider, push it backwards onto the slide ramp. You should have to push hard enough that a case in the place of your finger would never be able to move the case slider. If you're not sure, error on the side of tightness.