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UPS to Canada

Titan Reloading is a member of the eBP (e-Tailer Brokerage Program) offered by UPS.

 Shipping Costs, Duties, Taxes, and Brokerage Charges to Canada.

UPS appreciates Canadian Business and have made efforts to make shipping  simple and affordable for our customers.

 Shipping Costs

NOTE: C$=Canadian Dollars

The shipping charge is paid to TitanReloading.


 1. Titan Reloading is exempt from duties per NAFTA agreement since the items sold are manufactured in the USA.

 Taxes (payable to UPS, NOT Titan Reloading)

1. Goods valued at C$20 or less are exempt from taxes.

 Brokerage Charges (payable to UPS, NOT Titan Reloading)


1. Goods valued at C$20 or less are exempt from brokerage charges.

2. Goods valued at C$20 to C$200 have a flat C$10 brokerage charge.

3. Goods valued over C$200 will have brokerage fees from the table below:

 Value for Duty C$200 - C$350 = Broker Charge of C$48.40

Value for Duty C$350 - C$500 = Broker Charge of C$54.35

Value for Duty C$500 - C$750 = Broker Charge of C$61.75

Value for Duty C$750-C$1,000=Broker Charge of C$69.10

Value for Duty C$1,000-C$1,250=Broker Charge of C$76.50

Value for Duty C$1,250-C$1,600=Broker Charge of C$81.30