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Anniversary Kit Shell Holder and Case Length Gauge

Anniversary Kit Shell Holder & Case Length Gauge

Everything you need to start reloading is included in both the Anniversary kit and the Deluxe Pistol Kit.

When we say that only the dies are extra, we make the assumption that you were considering Lee dies which all (except RGB) include the press shell holder for the specific cartridge. Other brands of dies don't include a shell holder and it is necessary for loading the specific caliber. We do include all shell holders for the Auto Prime that came with the kit as these are specifically made to work with just that tool.

We also suggest that when loading rifle, that the proper case length gauge for that caliber be purchased along with the dies. This is the gauge that works in conjunction with the cutter and the lock stud that came with the kit. There are around 100 different gauges and it's not practical to include all in the kit as it wouldn't be as affordable.

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