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Auto Disk Update

Auto Disk Update

Lee has an update kit available for the Auto Disk Powder Measure, (catalog #90377).

It includes a hopper, which attaches with machine screws and nuts, rather than the sheet metal screws of the original hopper. Also included are an adjustable charge bar, and a swivel adapter, which allows you to install/remove the powder measure without having to turn the whole measure out of the die.

If you just want to replace the existing hopper, Contact Us to order part #AD2308 for the red hopper or #AD2485 for the smoke colored hopper.

Disks can be removed without removing the hopper by unhooking the pull back spring, lifting up on the hopper, and the disk will slide out the front of the measure.
Leakage can be minimized by reducing the amount of clearance between the disk and the bottom of the hopper. To do this, carefully file the tops of the risers that the hopper rests on when attached. The Pro Auto disk hopper mentioned above has an soft plastic wiper built in to the base so it is operated at zero clearance.

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